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Raid on Ylesia


Battle of Wayland

Second Battle of Duro

Yuuzhan Vong War


28 ABY




New Republic victory

  • Unknown


  • All space forces
  • Heavy land casualties

The Second Battle of Duro was a battle fought during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

As part of Admiral Ackbar's plan to season the New Republic Defense Force's new recruits and wear down the Yuuzhan Vong, Admiral Traest Kre'fey launched a raid on the Vong held world of Duro, captured nearly two years earlier. The Yuuzhan Vong, augmented by Peace Brigaders, had three cruisers in the system, being outnumbered three to one by Admiral Kre'fey's fleet of nine. After jamming the planetary yammosk, Kre'fey sent in the Jedi commanded squadrons first. Once they had destroyed or crippled the Yuuzhan Vong cruisers, the fleet positioned itself in orbit, and proceeded to orbitally bombard Duro, attacking any Warrior grashals, Shaper damuteks, and starports housing the enemy. At this point, seven additional Yuuzhan Vong capital ships arrived. Kre'fey, however, decided to play it safe, and ordered the fleet to withdraw to hyperspace.



Yuuzhan Vong War
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