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The Second Age is the period of time following the creation of RuneScape. It is also the 'Golden Age' of Zaros, until he was defeated by Zamorak. The Second Age spanned from the beginning of the slumber of Guthix until the betrayal of Zaros by Zamorak. Zamorak was once one of Zaros' generals, but he and a group of Mahjarrat betrayed their master. It is believed that they stole the Staff of Armadyl and used it for the rebellion. Zamorak stabbed Zaros with it, but he was not destroyed, and they struggled until the staff pierced them both at the same time. The power of Zaros flowed into Zamorak and he became a god. It is unclear exactly what happened to Zaros, although it was widely believed that he survived in some form or another in the Shadow Realm. This was confirmed during the events of The Temple at Senntisten. Disgraced at the tragedy, the other gods banished Zamorak. However, he soon returned and declared war.

It is also unknown what caused Zamorak to rebel - but it's probable Zamorak just had an insatiable lust for power, as he even declared war on all gods to show his worth.

It's possible that Saradomin was not one of the "other gods" who aided in disgracing Zamorak for his actions as he shows equal distaste towards the remainder of Zaros' loyal during the war, and speaks bitter of His name within the God Letters. It's unknown why, but it would seem the entire war escalated as most gods turned upon each other; the God War.

Major Events

  • When Guthix went to sleep, many gods like Zaros arrive on Gielinor.
  • Amascut's mind is warped and she becomes known as the Goddess of Destruction after witnessing the arrival of Mahjarrat to Gielinor.
  • According to the Crystal of Seren, Guthix's World Gate is sealed at this time, causing the Crystal Seeds to be lost to the Elves.
  • The Mahjarrat abandon Icthlarin and become the followers of Zaros.
  • The Slayer Tower is built.
  • The Zarosian Empire reaches its peak, consisting of today's Wilderness, Northern Misthalin, Northern Asgarnia and Morytania.
  • Zamorak, a Mahjarrat general for Zaros at the time, organizes his master's downfall.
  • Zamorak takes the place of Zaros as a god after his defeat, banishing Zaros in the process. He has immense fear of Zaros, as Zaros was not completely killed.
  • Zamorak was banished by an unspecified "other gods", but returned as soon as cooperated to his godhood.
  • The Stone of Jas was involved in either Zaros' downfall, or Zamorak's return from exile. The former is the more popular notion based on Lucien's actions in the present day.
  • It is believed that the Duel Arena is built in this Age.
  • Guthix is apparently still in hibernation during this Age.

Regions By Known Followers During the End of the Second Age

  • Zaros - Wilderness, Northern Misthalin, Northern Asgarnia and north Morytania.
  • Flamtaer - South Morytania, believed because it's illogical for his time to have occurred in any other age.
  • Saradomin - Aside from Entrana, few locations are known for Saradomin. He may have occupied parts of Kandarin that Armadyl, the elves, gnomes and dwarves had no stake in; perhaps southern and western parts of Asgarnia. If Flamtaer was not this age or they shared an area then known as Hallowvale with the Icyene, an belief they worshiped Saradomin is true, then that area too.
  • Armadyl - Assumed many Kandarin areas, due to Kandarin being the location of the Temple of Ikov and some other Armadyl sites.
  • Seren - Tirannwn, and northern areas of Kandarin areas. Some believe they reached as far as what we now call Edgeville due to an examine (on some ruins) that was removed in the graphical update.
  • Desert pantheon - Southern parts of Kharidian Desert.
  • Bandos - Feldip Hills
  • Unknown - Southern Asgarnia, Fremennik Province, Islands.


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    • History of the World of RuneScape

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