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For the item found during the quest Hunt for Red Raktuber, see Seaweed (Hunt for Red Raktuber).
A detailed image of seaweed

Seaweed is a key ingredient in making molten glass, although it must first be cooked into soda ash if the player is not using the Lunar spell Glass make. Using seaweed on a range or fire will cook it into the Soda ash. Burning seaweed into soda ash does not generate any Crafting or Cooking experience.


Obtaining seaweed

For free

Seaweed can be found in several places, along shorelines and sometimes rivers. Some locations are:

  • Karamja, south of the Musa Point and Brimhaven areas. The western and eastern shores have seaweed, as does the southern shore of the inlet separating Musa Point from the main mass of Karamja. Both banks of the river that flows through Shilo Village also have seaweed. (Since this watercourse has a waterfall, it is more likely a river than an inlet of the sea.)
  • North-western Entrana. 10 very close spawns in this spot, recommended (8 are accessible by hand, 2 are accessible by telekinetic grab)
  • Northern Fremennik Province, in the Rock crab area north-west of the entrance to Keldagrim. This area has numerous seaweed spawns and a fire, so that seaweed can be gathered and turned into soda ash quickly. The area does not have a bank within convenient walking distance, but using Fairy rings allows fairly quick access between this area (coordinate DKS) and the bank at Zanaris. (Players must complete at least part of the quest A Fairy Tale Part II to have full access to the fairy rings.)
  • North-eastern corner in Piscatoris Fishing Colony. There are two nets with seaweed.

As drops

Seaweed is available as a drop from monsters. For example, rock crabs drop either seaweed or noted seaweed.

By purchasing

Seaweed can be bought from Arhein in Catherby for 2 coins each. Arhein does not stock the seaweed in his shop; instead, players must choose to talk to Arhein and use the prompt: "I hear that you sell seaweed". Arhein will only sell 80 seaweed per day. He sells the seaweed noted. There is both a range and a bank near Arhein, which is quite convenient for rapidly turning the seaweed into Soda ash.

This can be a good opportunity for lower-levelled players to make money, by buying 80 seaweed for 160 coins a day, then selling it on the Grand Exchange where it sells for 233 each.

Additionally, players may be able to purchase seaweed on the Grand Exchange, or by trading with another player.

By fishing

Players may acquire seaweed by catching it in a big net while fishing at a net fishing spot.

The Superglass Make lunar spell allows players to use either seaweed, OR soda ash to make molten glass. So if the spell is used, there is no need to burn the seaweed into soda ash.

Ten seaweed can be stored in a Seaweed net.

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Seaweed was the name of a species native to Leritor. The Sauvax were known to eat them.

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City of Heroes

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The Sea Witch won't be bothering you anymore.

How to Get

Complete the Take Down Sea Witch mission from the Lorenz Ansaldo.


  • For a while, this badge was misnamed Privateer.
  • This badge used to be awarded for completing the Golden Roller's mission to take down the Sea Witch. It was changed to be rewarded from Lorenz Ansaldo and matches the description better, since he issues the last mission where you face the Sea Witch.

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  • Seaweed Badge at City Info Tracker
  • Seaweed Badge at

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