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Series 4 redirects here. For the 1966-1967 season of the original series, see Season 4.

Series 4 of Doctor Who started on the 5th April 2008. It was preceded by two specials: Time Crash and Voyage of the Damned. There is some dispute over whether these two productions are officially part of Series 4; Russell T Davies' memoir, The Writer's Tale, describes both as being part of the production of Series 4, however, and both have been included in the subsequent DVD box set. However, the official website episode guide considers both specials as standing on their own, and therefore are not part of any series. Time Crash is canonical according to showrunner Steven Moffat in Doctor Who Magazine #389.

David Tennant stayed on as the Tenth Doctor, and Catherine Tate reprised her role as Donna Noble, following her one off in the The Runaway Bride.

This series featured several (former) companions returning; Freema Agyeman, returned as Martha Jones for five episodes of the series, which began with The Sontaran Stratagem following her three episode spell with Torchwood. Jack Harkness crossed over from Torchwood for a second time later in the series. Billie Piper returned as Rose Tyler for a three episode stint starting with Turn Left, all three returned in The Stolen Earth along with Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith. These were further joined by Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith and Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler in Journey's End.  

Series 4 featured several milestones. It is the 30th ever broadcast season of Doctor Who, and features the 750th broadcast episode, which was The Stolen Earth, the 50th new series episode, The Unicorn and the Wasp, and the 200th broadcast story of Doctor Who, Midnight. The finale episodes The Stolen Earth and Journey's End also took the revived series to new heights of popularity, scoring the highest viewership ratings since the Tom Baker era and according to the media both episodes scored Appreciation Index ratings unprecedented for an ongoing scripted drama series.

In terms of production, the season marked the first production of a "Companion-lite" episode, Midnight (as opposed to the usual "Doctor-lite" episodes, ie. Love and Monsters and Blink), although a Doctor-lite episode, Turn Left was also produced. This was necessitated by the need to film several episodes at the same time, including an unprecedented 15th episode, The Next Doctor, which would air as the 2008 Christmas special.

As with the preceding three seasons, Series 4 incorporated several ongoing story arcs or background threads which were resolved in the finale episodes. In Series 4 these threads included: Donna Noble's evolution, Rose Tyler's attempts to return to her original world and the Doctor, the disappearance of bees from planet Earth, recurring references to planets and moons disappearing, and the coming of "The Darkness", mainly represented by the attempts of the Daleks and Davros to wipe out all reality. Additionally, most episodes include a running gag: namely, that people keep mistaking the Doctor and Donna for a couple.  

The status of the 2008 Christmas special The Next Doctor is also disputed. Although broadcast months after the conclusion of Series 4, it was produced at the same time, and like Voyage of the Damned, Davies discusses it in context of being part of Series 4 in The Writer's Tale. This would make Series 4 unique in having two Christmas specials. Another school of though holds that it is part of the 2009 Specials gap season, due to the fact it isn't included in the Series 4 box set and there are significant production differences between it and the specials, namely it was not filmed in high definition.

Series 4 marked the last full season to be produced by Russell T Davies, Phil Collinson and Julie Gardner. Collinson left following Journey's End, and Davies and Gardner have announced they will depart following production of a series of specials planned for 2009 in lieu of a regular season. When the show resumes weekly broadcast in 2010, Steven Moffat will be its head writer and show-runner. It also marks the last full season featuring David Tennant as The Doctor as in October 2008 he announced his intention to leave the role following the production of the 2009 specials; in January 2009 Matt Smith was announced as his successor, with Karen Gilian appearing as his companion Amy Pond.





# Title Writer Notes
N/A Time Crash Steven Moffat Reintroduction of the Fifth Doctor

Christmas special

# Title Writer Notes
N/A Voyage of the Damned Russell T Davies First appearance of Wilfred Mott

Regular season

# Title Writer Notes
1 Partners in Crime Russell T Davies Reintroduction of Donna Noble
2 The Fires of Pompeii James Moran
3 Planet of the Ood Keith Temple
4 Pt. 1: The Sontaran Stratagem
Pt. 2: The Poison Sky
Helen Raynor Reintroduction of the Sontarans, Martha Jones and formal reintroduction of UNIT. Martha joins TARDIS crew at the end
5 The Doctor's Daughter Stephen Greenhorn Martha Jones leaves TARDIS at end
6 The Unicorn and the Wasp Gareth Roberts
7 Pt. 1: Silence in the Library
Pt. 2: Forest of the Dead
Steven Moffat First appearance of River Song
8 Midnight Russell T Davies
9 Turn Left Russell T Davies Formal Reintroduction of Rose Tyler
9 Pt. 1: The Stolen Earth
Pt. 2: Journey's End
Russell T Davies Reintroduction of Davros, Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane Smith, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler. First direct crossover with Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures characters. Last regular appearances of Donna Noble, Wilfred Mott


# Title Writer Notes
NA Music of the Spheres Russell T Davies

Christmas episode #2

# Title Writer Notes
NA The Next Doctor Russell T Davies

Disputed productions

There is dispute over whether the mini-episode Music of the Spheres and the 2008 Christmas episode The Next Doctor should be considered part of Series 4, or part of the 2009 Specials season. In January 2010 BBC Video released both productions as part of its 2009 Specials DVD/Blu-Ray box set, leading to further debate.


Primary Cast

Secondary Cast

Many former regular cast members appeared in The Stolen Earth and Journey's End:

As did regular characters from the spinoffs Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures:

These cast members received top billing for one respective episode:

Guest Cast


Two of the Series 4 Books


Aliens and Enemies

Promotional trailers

As with previous seasons, trailers were created to promote the season, though this year they were shown in theatres as well as on television in the UK. Of particular note is the second trailer that was released, which utilized unique, specially shot footage of Donna sitting by a camp- or bonfire talking to either an unseen individual or the audience about the Doctor "coming back to save us" and "I'll be ready" interspersed with images of Sontarans, Ood and Daleks. There is no scene like this in any of the episodes; the meaning of "he'll come back to save us" is unknown as there is no circumstance within Series 4 in which Donna would be in such a position to make such a remark.

The other major trailers included another Donna-centric trailer utilizing a scene between Donna and Wilfred Mott from Partners in Crime, and a mid-season trailer focusing in part on the return of Rose Tyler in Turn Left.

External Links

BBC website page for series 4

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Partners in Crime  • The Fires of Pompeii  • Planet of the Ood  • The Sontaran Stratagem  • The Poison Sky  • The Doctor's Daughter  • The Unicorn and the Wasp  • Silence in the Library  • Forest of the Dead  • Midnight  • Turn Left  • The Stolen Earth  • Journey's End

Christmas Special: The Next Doctor  • Mini-episode: Music of the Spheres

Aliens and Enemies of Series 4
Voyage of the Damned: Max Capricorn  • Heavenly Host  • Bannakaffalatta
Partners in Crime: Cofelia  • Matron Cofelia's guards  • Adipose The Fires of Pompeii: Pyrovile  • Lucius Petrus Dextrus  • High Priestess  • Soothsayer  • Sibylline Sisterhood Planet of the Ood: Ood  • Klineman Halpen  • Ood Brain  • Ood Sigma  • Kess  • Solana Mercurio  • Ood Delta 50  • Bartle  • Rep The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky: Sontarans  • Staal  • Skorr  • Martha Clone  • Luke Rattigan The Doctor's Daughter: Hath  • Cobb  • Hath Gable  • Hath Peck The Unicorn and the Wasp: Vespiforms  • Arnold Golightly  • The Unicorn Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead: Vashta Nerada  • Nodes  • 710/aqua  • Charlotte Lux  • Doctor Moon  • Ella and Joshua Midnight: Midnight Entity Turn Left: Fortune Teller  • Time Beetle  • Adipose  • Empress of the Racnoss The Stolen Earth/Journey's End: Daleks  • Davros  • Dalek Caan  • Supreme Dalek  • Vault Daleks  • Judoon  • Shadow Architect • Mr Smith  • Human-Time Lord Meta-Crisis
Music of the Spheres: Graske
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Sesame Street
Season premiere November 16, 1998 (3786)
Season finale February 12, 1999 (3850)
No. of episodes 65
Cast of Season 30. (Note that Ruthie, though her Finders Keepers shop is no longer on the set, is still a cast member.)
Title card for Episode 3786, the first show of the season.
Alan's first appearance on Sesame Street.
Elmo's World debuted this year.
The format of the show is revised. Like the earliest episodes, characters would often introduce segments, or characters associated with inserts would appear on the street before or after their clip was shown. At times, they even appeared in the videos. Here, Big Bird appears in the "Ookyook" song.
Zoe gets her very own Zoemobile in Episode 3789. She would eventually stop being seen with it by Season 34.
Herry Monster stars in the recurring Monsters in Day Care segments.
A collectible sculpt of this cast photo was available to purchase.

Sesame Street Season 30 aired from November 16, 1998 to February 12, 1999.

Episodes 3786 - 3850 (65 episodes)


  • Starting this season, each episode of Sesame Street ends with a new segment, "Elmo's World".
  • This season also introduces new recurring segments, Ernie's Show and Tell, Monsters in Day Care, and Sesame Street Goes to Day Care.
  • Except for the Subway, everything from Around the Corner has been removed.
  • The opening theme sequence has once again changed to a more traditional version of the tune, resembling the original opening theme.
  • Hooper's Store is taken over by Alan.
  • The episodes are no longer followed by a "Coming soon on Sesame Street" bumper. Only the ending from these bumpers, with Big Bird saying "Toodle-oo!" to the camera, are kept.
  • This season was the first in which Sesame Street was funded in part by corporate sponsors.
  • This season was dedicated in memory of Jeff Moss in a title card at the end of the first episode.
  • All episodes in this season were shown in one of Noggin's 123 Sesame Street rotations from 2003 to 2005.



Gordon, Susan, Bob, Gina, Alan, Linda, Maria, Luis, Ruthie, Gabi, Miles, Tarah, Mr. Noodle, Dorothy


Big Bird, Elmo, Telly Monster, Baby Bear, Ernie, Bert, Count von Count, Cookie Monster, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Oscar the Grouch, Grover, Mr. Johnson, The Amazing Mumford, Zoe, Herry Monster, Prairie Dawn, Elizabeth, Rosita, Barkley, Honkers, Dingers, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Slimey, Irvine, Stinky the Stinkweed, Kermit the Frog, Biff, Sully, and Guy Smiley.

Muppets of Sesame Street:

Caroll Spinney, Pam Arciero, Fran Brill, Kevin Clash, Bruce Connelly, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Alice Dinnean-Vernon, Rick Lyon, Jim Martin, Joey Mazzarino, Jerry Nelson, Carmen Osbahr, Frank Oz, Martin P. Robinson, David Rudman, Steve Whitmire, Matt Vogel, and Bryant Young


Alison Bartlett O'Reilly, Linda Bove, Ruth Buzzi, Desiree Casado, Emilio Delgado, Bill Irwin, Loretta Long, Sonia Manzano, Bob McGrath, Alan Muraoka, Roscoe Orman, Imani Patterson, Tarah Schaeffer

Guest Stars

Maya Angelou, Rosemary Clooney, Doug E. Doug, Patti LaBelle


Previous season: Next season:
Season 29 (1997-1998) Season 31 (2000)

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