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Season 11 of Doctor Who ran between 15th December 1973 and 8th June 1974. It starred Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor.



It consisted of the 5 serials, and 26 episodes. It was Jon Pertwee's final season as the Doctor and included, very briefly, the first appearance of Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor. The Time Warrior, the season opener, introduced Sarah Jane Smith, who would become arguably the most popular of all the Doctor's companions and a frequently featured character in the Doctor Who Universe. The same story also, for the firs time, named the Doctor's homeworld as Gallifrey. UNIT had also entirely gotten phased out of the series by this time and no other Doctor Who season would feature it so prominently. Roger Delgado, who had played the first on-screen incarnation of the Master, had died, and so the production team did not give the character the dramatic send-off that they had planned in the season finale. The Diamond shaped Doctor Who logo and tunnel effects with Jon Pertwee were introduced, paving the way for the Tom Baker era.

Season 11 was the latest season to be subject to the BBC's then-current policy of junking old episodes. For reasons unknown, only the first episodes of Invasion of the Dinosaurs and Death to the Daleks were erased; copies of both episodes were later reacquired.


# Title Writer Episodes Notes
1 The Time Warrior Robert Holmes 4 First appearance of Sarah Jane Smith and the Sonatrans; first use of the name Gallifrey
2 Invasion of the Dinosaurs Malcolm Hulke 6 First episode titled Invasion
3 Death to the Daleks Terry Nation 4
4 The Monster of Peladon Brian Hayles 6
5 Planet of the Spiders Robert Sloman 6 Final appearance of the Third Doctor and first appearance of the Fourth Doctor. Final appearance of Mike Yates

Main Cast




Adaptations and merchandising



  • The Time Warrior
  • Invasion of the Dinosaurs (Episode 1 is in B+W)
  • Death to the Daleks
  • The Monster of Peladon
  • Planet of the Spiders


  • The Time Warrior
  • The Monster of Peladon



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The Time Warrior  • Invasion of the Dinosaurs  • Death to the Daleks  • The Monster of Peladon  • Planet of the Spiders
Aliens and Enemies of Season 11
The Time Warrior: Jingo Linx  • Irongron  • Bloodaxe Invasion of the Dinosaurs: Pterodactyl  • Stegosaurus  • Tyrannosaurus rex  • Apatosaurus  • Brontosaurus  • Triceratops  • Finch  • Whitaker  • Charles Grover Death to the Daleks: Daleks  • Exxilons  • Great City of the Exxilons The Monster of Peladon: Aggedor  • Ice Warriors  • Peladonians  • Azaxyr  • Sskel  • Eckersley  • Alpha Centauri  • Vega Nexos Planet of the Spiders: Lupton  • The Great One  • Eight Legs

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The season 11 cast of Sesame Street.
Big Bird with C-3PO and R2-D2.

Sesame Street Season 11 aired from November 26, 1979 to 1980.

Episodes 1316 - 1445 (130 episodes)


  • Starting with this season (all the way up to 1982), an alternate version of the Children's Television Workshop logo is featured. The exact same Roman-style plaque is used, except that it was printed with standard font (in the same font as the show's letters and numbers) as opposed to the crudely-painted text on the earlier logo.


Muppet Characters

Anything Muppets, Barkley, Bert, Big Bird, Clementine, Cookie Monster, Count von Count, Dr. Nobel Price, Elmo, Ernie, Forgetful Jones, Grover, Herry Monster, Kermit the Frog, Lothar the Grouch, Oscar the Grouch, Osvaldo, el Gruñón, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Telly Monster, Two-Headed Monster

Human Characters

Gordon, Susan, Maria, Luis, Linda, Bob, David, Mr. Hooper, Olivia, Mr. Macintosh, Willy


Linda Bove, Northern Calloway, Emilio Delgado, Will Lee, Loretta Long, Sonia Manzano, Bob McGrath, Roscoe Orman, Alaina Reed


Caroll Spinney, Michael Earl Davis, Olga Felgemacher, Jim Henson, Richard Hunt, Frank Kane, Brian Muehl, Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, Karen Prell, Bryant Young

Guest Stars

C3PO, R2D2

Season 11 Credits

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