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"Yes, the twelve legendary weapons. They are weapons. They are legendary. There are even twelve of them."

The Sealed Weapons are twelve legendary weapons, in Final Fantasy V, kept within the Sealed Castle. They are obtained by using the four Tablets. However, only three of the twelve may be chosen at a time with each Tablet, meaning all four Tablets must be acquired to get all twelve Sealed Weapons.


Possibly named after the fact that the first people known as assassins only used daggers as their "tool-of-trade". Can cast Death while attacking.
Named after the Greek god Apollo, the god of music and poetry. Deals extra damage to dragons and undead.
Named after the legendary sword Excalibur, wielded by King Arthur. A Holy-elemental sword that raises Strength.
  • Fire Lash (called Fire Bute in the fan-translation)
A Fire-elemental whip that can cast Firaga while attacking.
Named in reference to the Job that wields them (Geomancers), as Gaia is the Greek goddess of the Earth. Can use the spell Quake while attacking.
Named after the lance that is said to have pierced the side of Jesus Christ. It is a lance that is Holy-elemental.
Meaning "magical stick", it raises the elemental power of various elements.
Named after Masamune Okazaki, a famed Japanese swordsmith. Gives its wielder the ability to always strike first.
Named in reference to the Job that wields them (Berserkers), as Berserkers hail from Scandinavia, where runes were used as a manner of written communication.
A staff that raises the power of the Holy element.
Named after Sarutobi Sasuke, a ninja commonly listed as one of the Sanada Ten Braves (a legendary group of ninjas). It sometimes parries enemy attacks.
Named after Nasu no Yoichi, a famed mounted archer in Japanese history.

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