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The Sealed Castle.
The room of the Sealed Weapons.
The Sealed Castle in the World Map.

Kuza, the Sealed Castle, originally Koozer and also Kuzar (クーザー Kūzā), is a location in Final Fantasy V that is first seen in the Second World, though the party cannot do anything there at the time. The castle contains the legendary Sealed Weapons, which can all be obtained by the party. Shield Dragons can be fought in the Sealed Castle, making it an ideal place to train in the second world.

In the Merged World, the castle becomes the resting place of enemies called "Exdeath Souls", and upon retrieving the tablets and bringing them to the castle one by one, the party can retrieve the sealed weapons, three for each tablet, until all twelve have been acquired. The weapons can be claimed in any order.



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The Castle of Kuza was built to house the Sealed Weapons 1000 years ago, with the split of the worlds. Since then it has stood on the northern continent of the Alien World.

During the storyline, the Warriors of Light visit the castle, where Galuf explains the nature of the castle. It is not visited anymore until the worlds are merged by Exdeath, and then, the castle takes a more important position in the fate of the world.

After the worlds are merged, the scholars from the Wind Shrine find the Sealed Castle and explore it. Then, after the heroes find the Tablets, they are able to unseal the Sealed Weapons that they will use to defeat Exdeath and the demons of the Void.


Name Location
Assassin's Dagger B1
Apollo's Harp B1
Excalibur B1
Rune Axe B1
Yoichi's Bow B1
Sasuke's Katana B1
Sage Staff B1
Masamune B1
Magus Rod B1
Holy Lance B1
Gaia's Bell B1
Fire Lash B1




Outside (Alien World)

The Sealed Castle in the World Map in the Merged World.

Outside (Merged World)

Musical Themes

"Sealed Away" from Final Fantasy V''
Image:FFV - Sealed Away.ogg
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"Sealed Away" (封印されしもの Fūinsareshi Mono) plays as the background music for the earlier rooms of the Sealed Castle. In the weapon room of the Sealed Castle has Sealed Book (封印の書 Fūin no Sho) as its background theme.

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