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Scribble Monster
Also known as: Scribble Creature
Race: living drawing
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 2012
Appearances: DW: Fear Her
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When Chloe Webber swallowed an Isolus, her drawings began to come to life. The Scribble was literally a living scribble of graphite animated with ionic energy.

When she scribbled out a drawing, the Scribble came to life. It hid in a garage, when Rose Tyler opened it, it leapt out at her. When the Doctor shone his Sonic screwdriver on the creature, it died and retracted into a small ball.

While examining it in the TARDIS, the Doctor discovered it was made from graphite, he demonstrated to Rose by erasing part of it with a pencil eraser. The Doctor and Rose then knew that drawings were mysteriously coming to life. (DW: Fear Her)

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