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A scout trooper.
"What's the last thing to go through an Imperial scout trooper's head when he hits a tree? His afterburner."
―Joke told by Rebel forces on Endor

A scout trooper was an Imperial stormtrooper specially trained for scouting, reconnaissance, combat survival, and most times, sniping.



A scout trooper on Hoth.

Scout troopers wore specially modified lightweight armor with greater flexibility than standard stormtrooper armor, and often used light repulsorlift vehicles, such as the 74-Z speeder bike, in the course of their duties, earning them the nickname "biker scouts".[1] Scout troopers operated in groups of two or four, called lancers and were led by a sergeant.

Due to their light weapon loadouts, scout troopers rarely engaged in heavy combat and instead focused more on surveying areas, finding enemy positions and on some occasions, infiltrating enemy lines and performing sabotage missions. They were ordered to retreat in the event of possible combat situations and alert regular stormtroopers.

Scout Troopers also took the role of Snipers or Designated Marksmen, due to their ability to see over very far ranges. They often targeted important enemies to conserve their ammunition, as they could only carry a limited amount as to not hinder their mobility. Throughout the Galactic Civil War, Scout Troopers gained a reputation of being highly lethal marksmen, killing targets at extreme ranges with extreme accuracy.

The term egg man was sometimes used by the Rebel Alliance for scout troopers.


A scout trooper with a fragmentation grenade.
"So how come you're not a scout trooper?"
"Once I put the helmet on, I couldn't see. I sideswiped a cadet and caused a pile up that destroyed twelve speeder bikes. I was kicked out of the Trooper Corps."
―Anonymous snowtrooper on why he wasn't a scout trooper

Scout trooper armor was very different than that used by a usual stormtrooper. Simply white and black, the armor was designed for maximum movement and flexibility during combat. Scout troopers wore white boots with a tan bottom, and one boot was fitted with a pistol holster. A black body suit was worn with pockets and knee pads for comfort when kneeling. Pouches that held their weapons and tools were attached at the waist. A groin flap was used for comfort when riding a speeder bike. The chest armor was connected to the back armor, which housed a computer that powered up the suit. Arm armor was limited and black gauntlets were worn.

A scout trooper armed with a rocket launcher.

Scout trooper helmets incorporated enhanced macrobinocular viewplates capable of locating energy emissions, target magnification, night vision, and motion tracking. The helmets were polarized in typical stormtrooper fashion as well as concentrating the attention of the scout trooper directly ahead. However, some troopers seemed to have trouble with this, as at least one stormtrooper was heard talking about how the helmet impaired his vision.

Troopers were sometimes sent to cold, snowy locations, such as Hoth, as backup for AT-STs and AT-ATs. When deployed to these locales, a variant of the standard snowtrooper armor, with a slightly modified scout trooper helmet (with polarized snow goggles), no kama, extra joint armor, and a special backpack that would plug directly into the speeder bike's heating systems, heating up the armor that would be worn. Heat-insulated white snow pants were worn instead of the black body suit. These Snowtrooper/scout trooper variants were known as "Snow scouts".[2]

Although not wearing the best camouflage for a forest/jungle environment, unlike the Grand Army of the Republic's clone swamp troopers, the scout troopers made up for it with speed and flexibility on a speeder bike.


Tools and weapons

Typical supplies include food, micro-cords, and other gear to assist them in the silent infiltration of their objective.

A scout trooper atop a 74-Z speeder bike on Endor.

Each scout trooper was fitted with these items:


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Clone Wars

Armor resembling the later scout trooper were used in the Clone Wars for the similar BARC troopers during missions to jungle worlds. This armor was also used by regular troopers at the battle of Kashyyyk, including master Quinlan Vos's Bogey Squad and Commander Faie.

Galactic Civil War

Scout troopers entrenched in a firefight

Scout troopers served in numerous battles during the Galactic Civil War. Their most famous action was the Battle of Endor where they patrolled the perimeter of the Endor Bunker complex. They were the first Imperial soldiers to encounter the rebels during that fight. The Rebel Commando Nik Sant dressed up in a captured scout trooper uniform in order to infiltrate the Imperial forces on Endor but was later captured along with his troop.

Scout troopers were also deployed on the planet Teardrop during a massacre of civilians conducted by the ISB, and by the 501st Legion on Shelkonwa during a search for Leia Organa. Later in the War, scout troopers participated in the Battle of Hoth and were sent to search for Luke Skywalker on Myrkr by Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Scout troopers, along with representatives from every specialized stormtrooper corps, were assigned to Darth Vader's personal Death Squadron.[3]

The Galactic Empire established an advanced Scout trooper training camp in one of the more remote regions of the planet Moorja. It was selected as a political favor to an officer of the Imperial Navy that hailed from the colony. The scout base was largely kept a secret from the planet's inhabitants, although a small garrison was established on the planet to keep peace in the urban centers.[4]

The training facility offered refresher courses for Imperial units who were rotated out on a weekly basis. While the facility was under the command of Colonel Dyrra, a group of smugglers broke into the facility and stole a Lambda-class shuttle. Fighting off the troops stationed there, and a number of training probe droids, the thieves piloted the shuttle straight into an ion storm and into orbit.[4]


Non-canon appearances

  • Star Wars Infinities: A New Hope
  • LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga


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