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Scourge in Final Fantasy II.

Scourge (クラウダ, Kurauda), also known as Bane, Poison, and Aero, is a recurring Black Magic spell in the Final Fantasy series. Its effects differ with each series.




Final Fantasy

Scourge, also known as BANE in the Famicom release and Poison in the Origins release, is a level 5 Black Magic spell which attempts to inflict Instant Death on all enemies, however it has a rather low success rate.

The spell can be bought at Melmond and can be learnt by the Black Mage, Black Wizard, and Red Wizard Job classes. In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary Edition releases it costs 28 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy II

Scourge, also known as Poison in the Origins release, is a Black Magic spell that inflicts Poison-elemental damage to one or all enemies. The amount of damage inflicted increases depending on the spell's level. It is a particularly useful spell against enemies which are Lightning-based, as they are weak against the Poison element. As with all spells, any character can learn Scourge by having them use the Scourge Tome (called the Poison Scroll in the Origins release).

Scourge Tome
Effect Allows the target to learn Scourge when used outside of battle. Casts Scourge VIII when used in battle.
Buy In Altair, Mysidia, Machanon
Find In Tropical Island (x2)
Won From Dark Magician, Magician
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy XII

Scourge is Black Magick 6 License that costs 50 LP, 11,200 gil, and consumes 48 MP. It causes HP damage to all enemies in range and inflicts the status Sap. It is bought at Balfonheim. It is essentially an upgrade of the Bio spell.

In the International Zodiac Job System version, Scourge has been listed as a Black Magick 12 License and costs 120 LP. While its effects and MP are unchanged, it now costs 8,500 gil and can be bought at Barheim Passage.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Scourge is an enemy skill known by Gijuk and Raz and inflicts damage and Poison on a circle of enemies.

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