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Scott City

map marker: Scott City
leaders: Calculator
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Scott City used to be a small comunity located in rural, far western Kansas. Around 2198 a huge industrial complex was taken by Calculator's robots and was used as a prison for captured humans. There, Calculator conducted his researches connected with humans. The place was of a high priority to robots, as it give them information about their enemies, so four jamming towers were constructed to avoid being detected by Echoboy and other devices. When the Calculator captured General Simon Barnaky, he was brought here for further analysis.

When the robots captured Bartholomew Kerr, a merchant with extensive knowledge of the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel, the Brotherhood sent a squad led by the warrior to neutralize the base and rescue Kerr. They destroyed four jamming towers and rescued everyone who were in the local internment camp, including Derry, a ghoul Elaine and a super mutant named Sebastian. The majority of prisoners were already brutally killed in the Calculator's researches of human body or due to their attempts to escape. However, even more people were labotomized, having their brains extracted to give the Calculator access to new information. Hundreds of dead people without their brains were found by Repo squad later, all lying in a pit some miles away from Scott City.

When the warrior made his way to the top of the facility, he found labotomized body of Simon Barnaky, whose brain was extracted by the Calculator. The warrior may have taken his locket, that would be of use later. In the final room on the roof, they find Kerr, and had no other options except to kill him, as he was brutally mutilated by robots.

Mission walkthrough

Scott City
chapter: 5
location: Scott City
given by: General Dekker
main objectives: Find and neutralize Bartholomew Kerr
Make a discovery about General Barnaky
optional objectives: Rescue other captured humans
Destroy four jamming towers
previous: Buena Vista
next: Cheyenne Mountain

This mission is relatively straightforward and involves a lot of heavy combat, with at least three Behemoths in the path and another in the corner of the map. There are three basic areas: the camp, the junkyard, and the factory. The area is swarming with a variety of robots.

The Junkyard (SE):

Nothing particularly important happens in this area, but it does include two of the jamming towers. At the NE side there is a building with multiple stories. From the second floor you can snipe at the first Behemoth through some windows.

The Camp (SW):

Two sets of advanced lockpicks equipped on the same character (main hand and off hand) should be enough to open the locks in this area. There is a super mutant you can free, the rest of it is just people who wander around. The other two jamming towers are in this general area.

The Factory (the rest of the map):

There are at least four behemoths in this area-

  1. Near the building in the junkyard.
  2. In the central factory building.
  3. On the path in the middle of the factory buildings.
  4. At the Northwest corner of the map.

There are many robots on the walkways here that will snipe at you. The objectives are all on the top floor of the central building. The buildings at the NE corner of the map can be avoided, they are heavily guarded and contain nothing of interest.

The top floor of the center building has three smaller buildings:

The first one you will come up into if you are climbing the internal stairs in the building. General Barnaky's corpse is there, as well as his locket. This item is necessary for some of the endings. Once you have examined this body, you can finish the mission without completing the initial objectives.

The second one is just to the northwest, and is guarded by two turrets and a humanoid bot. The bot has a poison applicator which you will need. Kerr is inside this building.

The third one contains a squad of humanoid robots, one of which carries the MEC Gauss Minigun, an extremely powerful but impractical weapon.

Appearances in games

Scott City appears only in Fallout Tactics.

Fallout Tactics missions

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