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damage: Single: 9 - 18
Burst: 8 - 16
damage type: Normal
attack modes:
Single (AP: 4, R: 22)
Burst (AP: 5, R: 18)
burst rounds: 3
ammo Type 9mm
ammo capacity: 32
min. Strength: 4
hands req.: 2
weight: 7 lbs.
value: n/a
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.
The VZ61 Scorpio machine pistol. Used by members of the Spetsnaz.

The Scorpio is a small gun in Fallout Tactics.

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Weapons of Fallout Tactics

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Final Fantasy

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Image:Scorpio Symbol.png Scorpio, the Scorpion, is a sign of the Zodiac and a recurring symbol in the Final Fantasy series.



Final Fantasy IX

Scorpio is one of the Stellazio coins collected by Queen Stella. It is found in Quan's Dwelling, at the bottom of a rope ladder in the hot springs area.

Final Fantasy XI

The Scorpius Subligar is one of the thirteen Zodiac subligaria, which can obtained from a Fomor Red Mage in specific level-capped dungeons around Tavnazia. It is used to obtain the "Glamour Jupon," a tunic worn by Red Mages and Scholars.

Additionally, the Scorpion Casters were a Windrustian Caster Company composed of black mages that fought in the Crystal War, led by Gariri the Magnificent.

Final Fantasy XII

The Esper Cúchulainn, aligned with the element of Poison, embodies the sign of Scorpio. In the International version, the Scorpio emblem is represented by the Breaker job.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Scorpio is one of the twelve Zodiac Stones, and one of the seven inhabited by a Lucavi demon. The Church of Glabados is originally working with the Lucavi, and thus Cardinal Delacroix, a high ranking official of the Church, is given the Scorpio Stone to entice him to find other Zodiac Stones. After the Cardinal's unsuccessful attempt to wrench the Taurus Stone from Mustadio Bunansa, Mustadio and his friends Ramza Beoulve and Agrias Oaks confront Delacroix at Lionel Castle, where he pulls out the Scorpio Stone and transforms into the Lucavi

Scorpio is also a zodiac sign used to determine damage compatibility between characters during battle. Scorpio has optimal compatibility with Taurus, good compatibility with Pisces and Cancer, and bad compatibility with Aquarius and Leo.

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

Image of Scorpio
Real name John Granger
Ring Names {{{names}}}
Height 6’1”
Weight 225 lbs.
Date of birth June 12th 1984
Place of birth London, England
Date of death {{{death_date}}}
Place of death {{{death_place}}}
Resides Las Vegas, Nevada
Billed from Las Vegas, Nevada, By Way Of London, England
Trainer 'Psycho' Dave Lac
Handled by Russ Gritton
Win/Loss Record 31-12-1
Debut May 2007
Retired {{{retired}}}

John Granger (born June 12th, 1984), better known by his ring-name Scorpio, is an English professional wrestler currently signed to High Impact Wrestling and Totally Fictional Wrestling Federation.



The Rookie Years
After being found by "Psycho" Dave Lac, John Granger embarked upon a wrestling career under the ringname of 'Scorpio'. He and Lac formed a tag team which dominated the English scene for two years, and John found love in Milana Hruska, a Czech immigrant trying to earn a few pounds by ring annnouncing. The three toured all the major English federations before they made the life-changing decision to move to America and try to make a real career out of wrestling.

Total Extreme Wrestling Federation
The first federation DoA (Then Scorpio, "Psycho" Dave Lac and Milana) were signed to was Total Extreme Wrestling Federation, a small-time promotion ran by failing mogul, Steve Norman. The three enjoyed a long reign as TEWF Tag Team Champions before Scorpio picked up the TEWF A-Divison Championship; the second-tier belt. This lead to a degree of jealousy from Dave Lac who was yet to earn his first singles championship in the company, and after Scorpio took on a protegee in Travis Jeffries, Dave Lac left the trio and Jeffries returned. The company continued for a few more months, with storylines seeing Scorpio battling Johnny "SBK" Stylez for the TEWF World Championship, before the federation closed; Scorpio had not scored the world title.

Floating Around
The collapse of TEWF saw Scorpio and Milana without a job, and since the bad name TEWF had given its talent, they found it difficult to pick up jobs. The pair worked a independant promotions, such as Joe Wrestling Federation, however after just three matches that company too collapsed. This left Fusion Championship Wrestling as a viable option for DoA, however after a fornight of tryouts, they were released. Scorpio and Milana continued working house shows until Scorpio received a call from his ex-rival; Johnny Stylez.

Barely Legal Wrestling Alliance
Stylez had called Scorpio to invite him to BLWA, a fairly new federation run by the wrestling legend, and the unemployed DOA accepted. It was in BLWA that Scorpio, Milana and Dave Lac were reunited, stealing the tag team championships on their debut appearence; officially winning the straps two weeks later at the company's 'Season's Beatings' Pay-per-view. Scorpio was then forced to take a break from BLWA due to a knee injury, however he made an unexpected return with the shock victory over Porter MacLeod to capture the Primetime Championship. Scorpio would continue as the Primetime Champion for three months; an unprecedented reign in BLWA before losing the title to Dave Johnson and being given the push to main event status. Scorpio was handed the number one contendership to the BLWA World Championship, however the company folded when a financial aid pulled out, and again Scorpio was robbed of the world championship match.

Immediately after BLWA ended Scorpio signed to new federation, DUW, hoping that with his history of title reigns he would finally score the world championship he had sought for years, however after just four weeks a big backstage arguement between him and DUW Vice President Justin Kash saw Scorpio walk out of the comapny mid-contract, landing him a hefty fine. On the rebound of this fine Scorpio signed to BLWA and DUW's rival federation, GCW, where he was immediately thrown into the main event of the company; his first match being a number one contendership match to the world title, which he lost. However just two weeks later he was named the new number one contender at the same time as he signed to British federation, Premier WC.

GCW Global Champion and TFWF
Before his first match in PWC the S-Factor left the company on bad terms, and shortly after the split from PWC, Scorpio also left DUW. This lead the way open for him to become a roster member with the esteemed federation, TFWF. Scorpio took off with a slow start at TFWF, failing to win his debut and falling short to Black Death, a man who he had previousluy been involved in a bitter struggle with. Amongst the same timeframe, Scorpio was also chasing Lilliana Ramirez, and desite falling short to her at the final World Domination before Global Warfare, Scorpio managed to conquer his girlfriend's sister and capture his first world championship; The Global Championship.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
  • Paparazzi Flash (Cross-Legged Sitout Scoop Slam Piledriver)
  • Nightmare On Oxford Strett (Koji Clutch)
  • Signature Moves
  • Greetings From Kensington (Running Superkick)
  • S1 (Corkscrew Moonsault)
  • Snapped On The Red Carpet (Moonsault Knee Drop To The Chest)
  • Double Underhook Backbreaker
  • Double Underhook Suplex
  • Entrance Music
  • Helena - Misfits
  • Throw Yourself Away - Nickelback
  • Pour Some Sugar On Me - Deff Leppard

Championships and accomplishments

  • High Impact Wrestling
  • Chairman
  • Global Championship Wrestling
  • Global Champion (1-Time, Last)
  • Totally Fictional Wrestling Federation
  • None As Of Yet
  • Total Extreme Wrestling Federation
  • A-Divison Champion (1-Time, First & Last)
  • Tag Team Champion (2-Time, Final) with Travis Jeffries (1) with Psycho Dave (1) with Greg Hassen
  • Barely Legal Wrestling Alliance
  • PrimeTime Champion (1-Time)
  • Tag Team Champion (1-Time) with Psycho Dave (1)
  • The EW Experts
  • Global Moderator
  • World Rankings Stats Admin
  • Designer of the International Intergender Tag Team Battle
  • Highest Amount Of Points (41)
  • E-fed Knights Of The Roundtable
  • Forum Leader (Graphics Board and Roleplay Board)

Personal Life & History

On June 12th 1984, and Mary-Anne Granger was giving birth to her first and only child. At 23:30 the child was born, and was named John after his recently deceased grandfather. Not much is known about the childhood of John Granger, apart from the fact he lived in a Victorian town house in Kensington, London until he departed for the USA on March 10th, 2002. The only big event between his birth and his explosion onto the wrestling scene is the death of his parents on July 17th, 2000, when John Granger was just 16.

In 2001 John Granger met Milana Hruska during a house show in London, England. The pair dated for a year before Granger offered marriage, and the two became engaged in 2002. After six years of work, the two finally decided to tie the knot in Las Vegas on July 23rd 2008, however Granger walked out of the ceremony. A week later Milana Hruska's body was found at Paddington Train Station after walking in front of a train.

External Links

  • MyEwExperts Page

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Scorpio is a constellation that can be viewed in the skies of Gielinor. It can be observed clearly in Observatory Quest.

Like many of Gielinor's constellations, Scorpio is also present in the real-world.


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