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Scootori Manista
Also known as: Scooti
Race: Human
Home Planet:
Home Era: 42nd century
Appearances: DW: The Impossible Planet
Actor: Myanna Buring

Scootori Manista was a 20-year-old trainee maintenance Officer posted on Sanctuary Base 6.  Scooti ended up being killed by a fellow crewmember by being blown into space


Scooti announced the quake when the Doctor and Rose first arrived, and was the second one to talk when they entered the room. After the quake, she was introduced by Ida Scott. Scooti, along with Danny Bartock explained to Rose what the Ood were. Later when it was dinner time, Scooti advised Rose not to eat the green or blue food, and was also present when the Scarlet system was eaten by the black hole.   Afterwards, she was ordered by Ida to check the lockdown.

When Scooti went to Toby Zed's room to give him his expenditure, she found he wasn't there. Scooti put the file on his desk and was about to go when suddenly the computer announced the opening of door 41. Scooti stayed still, stunned, and then it announced the closing of door 41. She turned around, confused, and then back again, looking perturbed, uttering "41.." and then she raced out of his room after the words sank in.  After coming through a door went over to Door 41 and asked it's computer why it had opened and closed and explained that it was the nightshift and nobody was allowed to go outside and asked if someone went out to which it said yes. Then she asked who it was and the computer didn't know.  After that Scooti asked whose spacesuit had been logged out to which it responded none.  Knowing this was impossible she stopped talking and was frustrated. When she tried to call Zach Crossflane thinking the door had malfunctioned but before she could report her findings her radio died. After this, she asked the computer what was wrong with the radio, which it said there was none. Irritated, she yelled at the door to tell her who went out, but it responded with "He is Awake" and then when she asked "what" and it said "He who bathes in the black sun".

Scooti before her death
Creeped out she walked away and a shutter to the window opens and a curious Scooti walks over to it. There Scooti discovered a possessed Toby standing unharmed on the exposed surface of Krop Tor.  Then he turned around and smiled evilly at her as soon as he saw Scooti.  She muttered in shock that there wasn't
Scooti tempted
any air so he shouldn't be surviving out there. After that Toby began motioning for her with a finger to come forward. Scooti raised her hand in as if hypnotised and her eyes began to get wet as if about to cry.  This continued for a few moments and her hand got continually closer to the glass.  Then she broke from the spell looked at her arm and put it down at her side. Scooti then yelled at him to stop with a pleading look on her face. After hearing Scooti yell at him to stop, his smile disappeared, replaced with a glare and began to clench his fist, and sounds like glass breaking began to fill the air. Scooti looked at the window trying to find the source.  Soon a large crack appeared on the window and Scooti gasped in fear and ran for the door and tried to open it, but it wouldn't open.

Unfortunately for Scooti, Toby using his powers given by the Beast, had psionically locked the doors, trapping her in the airlock section. Scooti continued screaming and tugging at the door to open but it refused to. All the while the window continued to crack signalling her closely approaching death. Soon she lost all calm and composure and her face twisted with fear.  Scooti began looking as if about to just simply break down crying and kept screaming and tugging to try to open the door to get to freedom.  Then Toby completely clenched his fist and quickly opened it fully .Then the glass esploded under the pressure opening the section into the vacuum of space with air rushing out.  Scooti was forcefully pulled backwards from the door by the air rushing out despite her best efforts to hold on.  Scooti let out a final scream. Then the screaming Scooti was pulled to her death in the dark vacuum of space. After the hull breach had been contained the crew beganm frantically searching for Scooti after not hearing from her.  Soon the crew found Scooti floating in space, and looked on, mourning, in silence. Then a solemn Ida closed the overhead door respectfully. Shortly after finding her, the drilling stopped. (DW: The Impossible Planet)

Scooti floating in space


Scooti appeared to be a relatively nice person and was willing to do many tasks.  However she appeared to get angry quickly as she was pretty mad at the computer for not getting a straight answer.  Also she appeared to be scared easily judging by her reaction to the computer's response "He is awake" and when Toby began ripping apart the window she lost composure quickly.


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