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Written by  Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway, and Neal Smith
Music by 
Lyrics by 
Date  1972
Source  School's Out (album)

"School's Out" is the hit title track on Alice Cooper's fifth album and is arguably the musician's most famous song.

Alice Cooper performed the song as the closing number in episode 307 of The Muppet Show, backed by the Vile Bunch (Chopped Liver, Silver Beak, Flower-Eating Monster, a drummer, and a guitarist). Cooper, who was dressed in a graduation cap and gown, was also surrounded by a group of full-bodied Muppet monsters, including a Mutation, Timmy, Mean Mama, Doglion, and Sweetums, who were all dressed variously to appear like students. For example, Mean Mana worse a varsity letter on her chest and carried pom-poms; and the Mutation wore his hair in a ponytail.

When Cooper sings "school's been blown to pieces" the first time, Thog appears and sets off an explosion with a firecracker. Afterwards, Alice removes his cap and gown to reveal himself wearing a torn red bodysuit replete with devil's tail.

Once the school finally explodes at the end of the number, scattering paper and plaster all over the stage, Alice finishes the song by trying to nosh on a giant bone.


Although Thog frequently appeared with other Muppet monsters, his participation in destroying the school in this number was uncharacteristic for the otherwise sweet and gentle monster.

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School's Out
Game: Grand Theft Auto Advance
For: Cisco
Location: Aspatria, Staunton Island, Liberty City
Target: Yuka
Reward: $10,000
Unlocks: Kid's A Hero

School's Out is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance, given to protagonist Mike by Colombian Cartel leader Cisco from the a building in Aspatria on Staunton Island, Liberty City.



Cisco wants Mike to kidnap a school girl and bring her back to his home in Aspatria. He explains to Mike that the girl is called Yuka and is the niece of Yakuza co-leader Asuka Kasen, who he will blackmail into allowing him to move merchandise through Yakuza territory. Mike drives to the Yakuza limousine, which is scheduled to pick up Yuka, and damages the vehicle. The bodyguards inside the limousine exit and are killed by Mike. Mike then takes the limousine to Pay'n'Spray to get the vehicle fixed and drives back to the school in Liberty Campus. He then begins to drive back to Aspatria but is spotted by two Yakuza gang members who begin to give chase in their vehicles. Mike loses them and drives back to Cisco's.


Cisco: Amigo, I hope you do not have a fetish for young school girls. I want you to kidnap a young girl from in front of her school and bring her back to me. Track down her limo and jack it, don't leave any survivors. You need to pick Yuka up in the limo so her bodyguards won't suspect anything fishy.

Mike: This can't be a normal school girl unless you need someone to teach you proper English?

Cisco: You're ignorance is like a cry of help from the dark - I am multi-tongued and speak five variations of Spanish. She is the niece of Asuka, the boss of the Yakuza. They aren't allowing me to move my merchandise in their area of town. Do this thing for me and be nice to the girl; They have such lovely uniforms. It reminds me of my childhood where everyone had a text book and...

Mike: Spare me the reminiscing, I'll do it.

Cisco: How rude you are, amigo. I have no time to discipline you unfortunately. Yuka will be out of school shortly and waiting for her limo.

(Mike kills the Yakuza bodyguard and enters the limousine)

Cisco (pager): Fix the limo up at the Pay 'N' Spray, amigo! Cisco.

(Mike drives to Pay'n'Spray and has the car fixed up)

Cisco (pager): Pick Yuka up at her school. Drive safely and say nice things to her, amigo. Cisco.

(Mike drives to the school)

Yuka: Konnichiwa! Ehh... You're not my driver... and you're not Japanese! Why isn't my driver here?

Mike: Let's just say that he's indisposed... indefinately. Ready to take a ride? We can do this the nice way or the not-so-nice way. Stay down, keep quiet, and be a good girl and you'll be alright. Otherwise, I tape you up and use a gag.

Yuka: You're one of those bad men that my Aunt Asuka watches movies about, aren't you? Don't touch me and I'll behave.

Mike: That's the spirit, Yuka. I'll be sure you aren't harmed by my employer.

(Mike begins to drive back to Cisco's)

Cisco (pager): You've been spotted, amigo! Lose your tails and then come back here with the girl. Cisco.

(Mike loses the pursuing Yakuza gang members and drives to Cisco's)

Cisco: Amigo, you have operated above the threshold of what little intelligence you have. You are to be congratulated! Unfortunately, I see no further use for your service but I wish you good fortune. Until we meet again.

Mike: Don't worry about me; I'll find work. Tell me something though - what happens to the girl?

Cisco: It is of no concern to you, amigo. She will prove useful for blackmailing Asuka, of that I have no doubt.

Mike: The kid's innocent. Make sure nothing happens to her. You don't want to cross me in this, Cisco.

Post Mission Pager Script

Asuka Kasen: Moshi Moshi, Mike-san. I've heard a lot about you. I want us to meet up close and personal. Ja ne. Asuka.


The reward for completing the mission is $10,000. The mission Kid's A Hero is unlocked by completing the mission.

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  • School's Out mission on YouTube by GTAhelper

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School's Out

Release date Unknown edit
Members-only? No
Location School in the Exam random event
Skill requirements None
Quest requirements None
Unlock hint This track is unlocked during the Pattern Recognition random event.
Track duration Unknown edit
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