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The Scepter of Ragnos was a powerful dark side artifact that once belonged to Marka Ragnos, a Dark Lord of the Sith in the ancient Sith Empire.



A metallic scepter that forked into two spikes at the tip, the scepter had the ability to store large amounts of Force energy, and could fire beams of energy or simply unleash a blast of energy upon hard impact with the ground. Hidden inside the scepter's handle lay a metallic sword of Ragnos, which was the last known Sith sword in the galaxy.

Tavion Axmis, with the Kothos Twins beside her, siphons Force energy with the scepter (Tavion is not shown)


Tavion Axmis, a Dark Jedi and leader of the Disciples of Ragnos, found it in the possession of a collector on Commenor and, after killing him, discovered a more vital use than combat for the scepter. The scepter was said to hold the power to infuse a dead body with enough Force energy to reanimate the cells. Apart from that, small amounts of the stored Force power could be released on ordinary people, granting them Force-sensitivity sometimes in a scale equal to fully-trained Jedi Knights. Tavion used this ability to create an army of Force-sensitives from the ranks of the Disciples of Ragnos, mainly the Sith Cultists. However, the effect was not permanent and would end immediately with the destruction of the scepter.

Tavion's attempt to resurrect the ancient Dark Lord failed. When she unleashed the Force energy stored in the scepter on the sarcophagus of Marka Ragnos, she summoned the Sith Lord's damned spirit who immediately took control of Tavion's body. Both Tavion and Ragnos's soul were defeated by Jedi Knight Jaden Korr, who destroyed the scepter in Tavion's hands, thereby sending the evil spirit back into its tomb.

The possessed Tavion draws the Sith sword from the Scepter.

Tavion's body, however, did not survive the corruption brought by Ragnos's spirit, and she died when the Force ghost left her.

Behind the scenes

In the dark side alternative ending, Korr had no intention to destroy the scepter. After Korr killed Tavion, Kyle Katarn entered the tomb to stop his former apprentice. Korr trapped the Jedi Master and blasted his way out with the scepter. After hijacking an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, Korr kept the scepter for personal use.


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