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Scavenging is a gameplay element in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Similar to Foraging, there exists several icons on a battlefield that Group Leaders can scavenge from, called Material Nodes. The difference is that while Foraging yields HP, Scavenging rewards the party with various materials used by Cu Sith can craft into weapons. Multiple group leaders can scavenge from a node until it is depleted. These nodes include piles of wood, mining sites, and animal bones.


List of Material Nodes

Locations and Grades of each Material class are listed.

Solid Stone


Common Metal

Zephyr, the Windward Isles/Tormelados, Isle of the Megalith

  • Low: Mythril Shards - Silvery fragments teeming with magick, often used in the crafting of armor.
  • Medium: Mythril Nugget - Mythril often used in weapons for its soul-soothing effects.
  • High: Mythril Ore - Mythril in a highly pure form, prized by engineers.

Lustrous Metal

The Muruc Cahuac Skysea/Tswarra, Isle of the Lost

  • Low: Orichalcum Grains - Metallic powder that shimmers gently, ideal for hourlgasses.
  • Medium: Orichalcum Nugget - Clump of legendary metal that produces high-caliber weapons.
  • High: Orichalcum Ore - Ore replete with orichalcum that appears to burn indigo.

Durable Metal

The Feol Warren

  • Low: Adamant Grains - Incredibly hard granules that can be ground into formidable weapons.
  • Medium: Adamant Nugget - Clump of adamant that could fatigue the arm of even the strongest armorer.
  • High: Adamant Ore - Hardest known naturally occurring metal, its strength surpasses that of most alloys.

Brilliant Ore

Tormelados, Isle of the Megalith/The Muruc Cahuac Skysea

  • Low: Pink Silver - Faintly lit ore that appears to blush. Smooth to the touch.
  • Medium: White Silver - Ore casting light cold as snow. May cause frostbite over time.
  • High: Pure Silver - Translucent ore used as window material in the airship.

Precious Ore

Arda, Heaven's Pillar

  • Low: Pink Gold - Gold ore with a surface that grows red when exposed at length.
  • Medium: White Gold - Gold ore that flakes into white when sliced with a sharp blade.
  • High: Pure Gold - Rumors dub it the material gil is coined from, but that is mere conjecture.

Ephermal Ore

Galbana Material Shop (Low and Medium Grade), Gates of Shattered Time (Zodiac Ore)

  • Low: Damascus Steel - Metal so magnificent, it is said that any who bear it in battle shall be victorious.
  • Medium: Scarletite - Mythical metal spoken of in fables. Cannot be processed in pure form.
  • High: Zodiac Ore - Unparalleled ore said to contain the fury of a god struck by a blade of this metal.


Gates of Shattered Time

  • High: Everburn - Flame flickers within the crystal that has formed over countless eons.

Sparkling Stone

Yellow Gemstone

Zephyr, the Windward Isles

  • Low: Tiger-eye - Yellow gemstone possessed by a beast's soul. Thunder forms when it is rubbed.
  • Medium: Beryl - Yellow gemstone blessed by the earth. Resonates with sunlight at dawn and radiates a light of its own.
  • High: Topaz - Yellow gemstone in the shape of a Hume heart. Fills its holder with bloodlust.

Green Gemstone

Tormelados, Isle of the Megalith/The Murac Cahuac Skysea

  • Low: Peridot - Green gemstone with the fragrance of a forest breeze on a clear day.
  • Medium: Malachite - Green gemstone imbued with the eternal breath of the phoenix.
  • High: Emerald - Green gemstone blessed by a saint. May reveal the future when licked.

Blue Gemstone

The Muruc Cahuac Skysea/Tswarra, Isle of the Lost

  • Low: Lapis Lazuli - Blue gemstone loved by a moon goddess. Wards off nightmares.
  • Medium: Aquamarine - Blue gemstone deep as the sea. Often utilized in rain dances.
  • High: Sapphire - Blue gemstone that resembles a fragment of fallen sky.

Red Gemstone

Dalmasca Estersand

  • Low: Garnet - Red gemstone sharing its name with a saint. Said to prevent misfortune.
  • Medium: Spinel - Red gemstone reminiscent of a fire dragon. Venerated among warriors as a symbol of strength.
  • High: Ruby - Red gemstone born from the eye of a fire god. Recirculates lost blood.

Glistening Shard

Oghu, the Veiled Isle

  • Low: Coral Fragment - Embodies the prayers of water spirits. Light and soft like a feather.
  • Medium: Coral Branch - An elegant specimen. Nowadays it is exchanged between young lovers.
  • High: Pearl - Pure white miracle of the sea. Endowed with immense magick power.

Rare Gemstone


  • Low: Moonstone - Gemstone traditionally feared to bring misfortune. Said to open the gateway to another world.
  • Medium: Opal - Gemstone that mirrors the bond of the gods. Draws its holder's soul to the heavens after death.
  • High: Diamond - Brilliant gemstone symbolic of the conqueror. The stone itself may conquer those of a weak heart.

Virgin Timber

Fine-grained Wood

Zephyr, the Windward Isles

  • Low: Cherrywood Chips - Pink, lightly scented wood chips that make for excellent potpourri.
  • Medium: Cherrywood Stick - Delicate sticks often fashioned into pen shafts by monks.
  • High: Cherrywood Log - Thick log of cherrywood with a fragrance that will waft about the hearth and home.

Fragrant Wood

Tormelados, Isle of the Megalith/The Muruc Cahuac Skysea

  • Low: Maplewood Chips - Colorful chips of a maple tree with a sweet flavor.
  • Medium: Maplewood Stick - Stick carrying delicious syrup, best relished in the morning.
  • High: Maplewood Log - Lovely log of maplewood that calls fortune where it is buried.

Smooth Wood

Tswarra, Isle of the Lost/Arda, Heaven's Pillar

  • Low: Cedarwood Chips - Chips of gentle cedarwood. Ideal for making paper.
  • Medium: Cedarwood Stick - Cheap cedar stick commonly used in furniture and homewares.
  • High: Cedarwood Log - Log of the barkless cedarwood one might use to support a roof.

Sturdy Wood

Tswarra, Isle of the Lost

  • Low: Oakwood Chips - Hard chips of oak. Perfect for carving crafts.
  • Medium: Oakwood Stick - Sturdy stick of oak. Any home with a boy will have at least one.
  • High: Oakwood Log - Mighty log of oak. Its imposing appearance is suited to shrine and temple construction.

Inscrutable Bones

Small Bone

Zephyr, the Windward Isles

  • Low: Bone Chips - Fragments of shattered bone. Douse with holy water before use, or suffer dire consequences.
  • Medium: Sturdy Bone - Bone that has retained its original form. Must be purified by a cleric before it can be used.
  • High: Blood-darkened Bone - Bone of one who led a blood-soaked life. Effective in sorcery and alchemy.

Large Bone

Tormelados, Isle of the Megalith/The Muruc Cahuac Skysea

  • Low: Wolf Bone - Bone from a dead wolf that attracts beasts when held out.
  • Medium: Destrier Bone - Bone of a knight's warhorse. Brings luck in dodging.
  • High: Beastlord Bone - Bone of a hundred beasts' master. Used for weapons and trophies.

Massive Bone

The Muruc Cahuac Skysea

  • Low: Tyrant Bone - Burly bone as rigid as metal. An airy sound echoes when it is struck.
  • Medium: Wyvern Bone - Supple and pliant bone that extends the firing range of bows.
  • High: Wyrm Bone - Dragon bone that retains its magickal properties after death.

Timeworn Carapace

Zephyr, the Windward Isles/Tormelados, Isle of the Megalith

  • Low: Insect Husk - Hard and glossy insect shell. Price varies by size and color.
  • Medium: Ichthon Scales - Scales of a unique fish. The pattern is adored by collectors.
  • High: Ancient Turtle Shell - Carapace celebrated by engineers. Remains hard after luster fades.

Solid Carapace

The Muruc Cahuac Skysea/Tswarra, Isle of the Lost

  • Low: Destrier Barding - Armor of a knight's warhorse. Favors form over function.
  • Medium: Lamia Scales - Heat-resistant scales that melt when immersed in water.
  • High: Battlewyrm Carapace - Shell of a vicious dragon, robust beyond compare.

Robust Carapace

Feol Warren

  • Low: Wyvern Scales - Scales from the dragon that rules the skies, known for their use in skybandits.
  • Medium: Ring Wyrm Scales - Scales that prove the round dragon's existence. It takes a mighty weapon to break them.
  • High: Emperor Scales - Scales from an ancient species, now extinct. Their sturdiness is undiminished by the ages.

Worn Hide

Zephyr, the Windward Isles

  • Low: Rat Pelt - Commonplace and inexpensive skins that are easily torn, but can be stretched.
  • Medium: Bat Wing - More delicate that one would ever imagine from the way it appears in flight.
  • High: Serpentskin - Snakeskin with a peculiar glossy finish. Often applied to the undersides of crafts and armor.

Furry Hide

Tormelados, Isle of the Megalith/The Muruc Cahuac Skysea

  • Low: Rabbit Pelt - Fluffy, white swatch of fur. Hard to resist touching.
  • Medium: Coeurl Pelt - Wavy, thermally insulated pelt that is a must-have in regions of cold.
  • High: Beastlord Pelt - Legendary beastlord pelt that appears spiny, but feels soft.

Luxuriant Hide

Arda, Heaven's Pillar

  • Low: Ahriman Wing - Wing that leaks viscous, black oil. The oil tends to hold more value than the wing itself.
  • Medium: Tyrant Wing - Wing as hard as rock. Heaviness is attributable to the mechanism being more for attack than flight.
  • High: Wyvern Wing - Great arching wing designed to lift a gigantic mass into flight. Inspiration for the airship.

Braided Twine

The Muruc Cahuac Skysea/Tswarra, Isle of the Lost

  • Low: Rat Tail - Tail used prominently in Alchemy. Putrid flavor.
  • Medium: Demon Tail - Enchanted tail demons whip about to express themselves.
  • High: Malboro Vine - A slender, scissile tentacle. Usually shipped by the bunch.

Starched Twine

Tswarra, Isle of the Lost

  • Low: Coeurl Whisker - Whip-shaped whisker purchased for sorcery and as a novelty.
  • Medium: Destrier Mane - This warhorse mane is a well-known spell reagent.
  • High: Dragon Whisker - Thick and firm whisker of a dragon. Hung proudly in warrior houses as a testament to might.

Strange Liquid

Viscous Fluid

The Muruc Cahuac Skysea/Tswarra, Isle of the Lost

  • Low: Green Liquid - Gelatinous, clouded green ooze effusing a foul stench.
  • Medium: Yellow Liquid - Constantly frothy yellow liquid. Audibly corrodes metal.
  • High: Silver Liquid - Liquid metal. Turns toxic when exposed to metal other than iron.

Aqueous Fluid


  • Low: Slime Oil - Colorless, odorless oil essential to the formulation of new medicenes.
  • Medium: Unpurified Ether - Fluid lighter and more lucid than air. Seen from the right angle, it shimmers iridescently.
  • High: Demon Drink - Concoction only a demon could brew. Wars have been fought in hopes of seizing it.

Volatile Compound

The Muruc Cahuac Skysea/Arda, Heaven's Pillar

  • Low: Bomb Cinder - Smoldering ash left in a bomb's wake. Can boil water instantly.
  • Medium: Bomb Shell - Shrapnel from a detonated bomb. Combusts if handled improperly.
  • High: Bomb Crank - Arm of a bomb turned to coal, its fire ideal for roasting meat.

Grim Dust

Paramina Rift

  • Low: Zombie Powder - Powder that subverts all recognition and reasoning. Use on persons is prohibited by law.
  • Medium: Death Powder - Light-absorbing black powder. Popular among artists as a darkening agent.
  • High: Soul Powder - The scent of the soul in material form. Summons a simulacrum when sprinkled about the body.

Glittering Dust

Tswarra, Isle of the Lost

  • Low: Stardust - Sand that sparkles like the night sky. Many scholars insist it is not of this world.
  • Medium: Moondust - Crescent-shaped grains often bottled and given as gifts.
  • High: Sundust - Heliotropic sand that harnesses sunlight during the day and radiates a golden glow by night.

Limpid Crystal

Fire Shard

Zephyr, the Windward Isles/Tormelados, Isle of the Megalith

  • Low: Fire Stone - Stone enchanted by fire. Plain at first glance, but unnaturally warm.
  • Medium: Fire Magicite - Stone imbued with fire. Can stoke a campfire into a blazing inferno.
  • High: Fire Crystal - Crystallized form of fire so pure, it holds the power of synthesis.

Water Shard

Tormelados, Isle of the Megalith/The Muruc Cahuac Skysea

  • Low: Water Stone - Stone enchanted by water. Plain at first glance, but moist when split.
  • Medium: Water Magicite - Stone imbued with water. Renders muddy waters crystal clear.
  • High: Water Crystal - Crystallized form of water that holds life-giving hydrating power.

Storm Shard

Zephyr, the Windward Isles/Tormelados, Isle of the Megalith

  • Low: Storm Stone - Stone enchanted by a storm. Plain at first glance, but electrostatic.
  • Medium: Storm Magicite - Stone imbued with a storm. Used as a power source in small airships.
  • High: Storm Crystal - Crystallized storm that releases destructive power when fractured.

Earth Shard

Zephyr, the Windward Isles/The Muruc Cahuac Skysea

  • Low: Earth Stone - Stone enchanted by earth. Plain at first glance, but ponderous.
  • Medium: Earth Magicite - Stone imbued with earth. Spawns vegetation where it is buried.
  • High: Earth Crystal - Crystallized earth that carries the weight of reason.

Inferno Crystal

The Feol Warren

  • High: Fire Gem - Gemstone afire with a soul of ignition. Hellfire seethes at its core.

Tide Crystal

Paramina Rift

  • High: Water Gem - Gemstone springing with the vitality of the well. An ocean undulates at its core.

Empyrean Crystal

Dalmasca Estersand

  • High: Storm Gem - Gemstone roaring with the authority of the thundercloud.

Terra Crystal

Dalmasca Estersand

  • High: Earth Gem - Gemstone as awe-inspiring as the boundless land. Seismic ruptures rage at its core.

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