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Final Fantasy IX Enemy
Scarlet Hair
Japanese 焔色の髪の男
Romaji Honoo Shoku no Kami no Otoko
Location Madain Sari
Class Humanoid
Steal Ether, Poison Knuckles
Item Dropped Tent
Card Dropped None
Abilities Here I Go!, Counter
Eat N/A
Status Immunity Petrify, Zombie, Stop, Heat, Venom, Death, Poison, Freeze, Darkness, Confuse, Regen, Doom, Trouble, Berserk, Float, Mini
See also: Amarant Coral.

Scarlet Hair is a boss in Final Fantasy IX. He is the comrade of Lani, and they both were ordered by Queen Brahne to kidnap Garnet. In Madain Sari, Lani elects to steal Eiko Carol instead, causing the "Scarlet Hair" to object to her methods and end their alliance. After Lani flees, the Scarlet hair challenges Zidane to a one on one battle. He joins the party as Amarant, or whatever the player chooses to name him after being defeated.

Though Zidane is alone is this battle, it is not too difficult to win. Scarlet Hair will spend many turns simply dancing around the battlefield, a move which only seems to raise his Evasion stat. Scarlet Hair will, however, sometimes counter Zidane's physical attacks. Equip Zidane with his own Counter ability to even the odds. It is a good idea bring Zidane near to getting Trance so he can defeat Scarlet Hair with his Trance's skills.

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