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Future Events

  • Eko's last words to Locke, are a premonition to a future confrontation(s) between the Monster and all who were there when Eko died, including Sayid, after they have all returned to the Island.
  • After being prevented from torturing Henry Gale/Ben for information, Sayid asks Charlie why everyone else has forgotten what the Others have done, framing the reference to things that Charlie would only specifically known about, but perhaps Sayid is the only one who remembers other things which have happened - such as being questioned by the Dharma Initiative in the 70s, or shooting Ben.
    • How, if these events haven't happened to him yet?
  • Ben recruits Sayid to kill those behind the cover up, including Elsa's boss, Mr. Avellino because he wants to keep the Island safe.
  • Sayid will be revealed as an atheist/agnostic who prays only occasionally, or in times of great need.

Not who he claims to be

  • Sayid is definitely a BAD guy, he was a torturer - one can try to run from who they are but Sayid (as of "He's Our You") has accepted that he is just plain evil. I see no evidence of Sayid ever doing anything selfless and his actions that seem so were only out of misguided lust (Shannon and Nadia) and revenge (everything he does on the island to "protect" the losties).
    • Sayid has very strong regrets over his violent history. Further, he loathes that he is killing for Ben when he is under his hire. He really seems to be doing it out of what he thinks is protecting his friends, rather than revenge. Conversely, revenge is partially what motivates him (along with prevention) "later" to kill the young Ben Linus.
  • Sayid Jerrah is one of the few characters the entire cast (Locke, Sawyer, Hurley, Kate, Jack, Desmond, Charlie) seem to trust unconditionally, even when they don't trust each other (this is also true of Kate). From the moment his presence became known on the island, he worked to visibly gain the trust of the survivors by trying to send a message off the island in several different ways. However, it's been shown on the show that this unconditional trust isn't necessarily well-placed, as Sayid's "instincts" and decisions often are wrong, way off-base (ex: Sayid claims the crew of the freighter must be monitoring communications on-island), or dangerous to the other survivors (ex: Sayid's attempt to trap the Others with a signal fire by their dock), although this isn't something the survivors seem aware of or concerned with, because of his ongoing work to gain and maintain their trust. Fixing the transceiver and his overall ability with technology, organizing groups to collect water, his work identifying Danielle's message and her papers, apologizing to different survivors for putting them in harms way or harming them as with Sawyer and the Koreans, his pursuit of Henry Gale's true identity, his fearless engagement of Mikhail and the Others, his suggestion to turn of Danielle's message simultaneous to the attack on the Others, his seemingly constant battle to protect the survivors from the others, are all acts and traits which personally affect members of the surviving group to view him in a role of active leadership/protection, and therefore as a trustworthy guardian figure. There is no time when any character question's Sayid's trustworthiness, despite visible mistakes on his part. This is extremely suspicious, especially as these mistakes are always attributed to Sayid's determination to protect the survivors: Anyone who is unconditionally trusted should be watched. Sayid himself puts a lot of emphasis on trust, often taking responsibility for projects and endeavors because he claims to be the only person he can trust.
  • Sayid may be connected to Dharma or a group trying to avenge themselves against Ben Linus or The Others, perhaps as a hired assassin. If the theory that Annie is actually Diane Jansen Annie/Theories#Identity is true, the question remains, how is she connected to Sam_Austen , and what does Sam Austen mean by telling Kate, "You were five years old, I wanted to take you with me..." ? It is simply too convenient that Sam Austen is Kate's "father" and also encounters Sayid in Iraq during Desert Storm, roughly a year before the Purge. The Dharma Initiative may be connected to the US military, evidenced by the knife discovered by the Tailies in the hatch, and supported by Kelvin Inman's recruitment by the Initiative to operate the Swan station. Kelvin Inman's encounter with Sayid allowed Inman to witness Sayid's character strengths in a personally trying situation for Sayid. Inman indicates recognizing Sayid's willingness to work to survive, and his apparent lack of unconditional loyalty. Inman also "liberates" Sayid's personel file, which means he knows how to find him. If the Initiative is a US military operation, it is certainly a highly secretive, confidential endeavor, and standard military operating procedure may not be appropriate or possible as a response to a fatally offensive attack on the Initiative. Sayid may be hired as a spy or assassin to uncover what, precisely, happened to the Dharma Initiative and enact destructive revenge against those parties responsible.

The attacks on Sayid

  • Candidates for Responsibility
    • Charles Widmore. He wants to do anything to interfere with Ben's plans to get the Oceanic Six back to the Island. In basic terms, what ever is bad for Ben is good for Widmore. He understood, for a reason we do not yet know, that Ben had to have all of the Oceanic Six. Widmore is a powerful man. He could have taken Sayid any time during the past three years, but Ben is at the point of executing his plan. Widmore never realized that Hugo would be the problem. Widmore is the most-likely candidate, since Ben is using other means to round up the O6. He who controls the O6 can go back to the island with them. Since Ben and Widmore are competing for control of the island, this competition is playing out in the struggle to control the O6.
    • Benjamin Linus. Sayid "resigned his position" with Ben's "project;" he used the term "worked for Ben." Ben is not a particularly tolerant man. Setting someone after Sayid was a measure designed to drive Sayid back into the fold. Since Sayid is already resistant to following any more of Ben's instructions, it would be easier for Ben to incapacitate Sayid and transport him to The Island rather than convincing him to do so willingly. Also, since he's been off The Island, Ben has had access to a veterinary/kennel facility which would have tranquilizer a tranquilizer gun, and darts readily available.
    • Sun-Hwa Kwon. She wanted Sayid as bait for Ben. She has all the money she needs to hire all the people she wants.
      • this makes no sense
    • Economist, who ever he is, because he is a loose end.

Will Sayid Die in Season 6

This is in reference to the fact that Sayid is shot and bleeding to death in the end of Season 5.


He Will Die

  • One of the central themes of the show is that you cannot change fate - what happened will happen. Jacob saved Sayid from being hit by the car like Nadia, just like Desmond was constantly saving Charlie from death. But Sayid's destiny, just like Charlie's, is to die.
    • Although whether or not you cannot change destiny is true will ultimately be revealed when we find out whether or not Jack can change the future/Oceanic flight 815 lands safely at LAX
  • If the survivors DO NOT simply end up back on the plane to LAX, Sayid will die, due in no small part to the fact that the character reached a moral event horizon when he shot young Ben. Because it was Roger Linus who shot Sayid, it comes around.
  • If they do end up in the alternate timeline. The universe will course correct and Sayid will die by the end of the season.
  • His destiny was to shoot young Benjamin Linus and rig Jughead now "the island" is done with him and will let him die.
  • He will die and Naveen Andrews will spend most of Season 6 playing Jacob who will have assumed Sayid's form.

He Will Not Die

  • We have seen that Jacob has unusual healing powers - i.e. Locke. He will save Sayid.
  • Similarly, smokey seems to have healing powers - i.e. Ben. Smokey will save Sayid.
  • We've seen the island heal other ppl before (for instance Locke several times - also from a gunshot wound). The island will heal Sayid.
    • Although maybe in those other times with Locke being healed from a gundhot wound, it was Jacob or smokey who were actually saving him. We didn't know then of their healing powers and so just thought it was generally 'the island' saving him.
  • Sayid will be taken to the temple and healed much like young Ben was. This healing will have some kind of effect on his personality. (Based off scenes in the season 6 promo with new footage aired 31 Jan. 2010) - although it could be that this personality change is Jacob assuming his form after he dies.

Effects of the pool

  • Sayid will become the leader of the Others. Just as Ben was healed before him, Sayid has been put in a remarkably similar situation. Richard mentioned (about Ben) that he will never be the same. It stands to reason that the same will be true of Sayid. The Others have no leader now that Ben is exiled and Locke is dead. Perhaps "the change" will cause Sayid to become the next candidate for leadership. This would certainly put Jack and Sawyer's power struggle in an interesting position.
  • Sayid will have a completely different personality, while retaining his memories, after being healed in the pool. He will become similar to Robert before he was shot by Danielle, who had seemingly gained the knowledge that the monster was a security system for the temple (Note that Robert was not simply a manifestation of the monster, as he was able to be shot and killed). This is the same thing that happened to young Ben.
  • Sayid's body has been inhabited by Jacob.
    • If Jacob was going to use Sayid's body, why would he try to get those in the temple to save him? It seems that Jacob would want to avoid Sayid's body being used, and thus it seems unlikely to be Jacob possessing him.
      • About that, it would seem that Jacob knew that himself and Sayid were going to die, from the begining. Why else would he give Hugo the case with cross to give to others to take him to to the fountain only for him to die. Doesn't seem to fit, unless Jacob had
  • His voice sounds like Naveen Andrews' real voice.
    • If that was intentional, and not just happening to sound like Andrews, then perhaps he is possessed by a British Casualty.
    • I thought so too, maybe Charlie?
  • Perhaps whatever now possesses Sayid's body is the spirit of John Locke.

Sayid's resurrection / possession

  • Facts
  1. Jacob visited Ilana and asked her help him. ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")
  2. Ilana captured Sayid and put him on Flight 316. ("316")
  3. Jacob wrote a note/instructions to Dogen and secreted it in the Ankh. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")
  4. Lennon, seeing the note, said that if Sayid died, they were all in a lot of trouble; the content is unknown. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")
  5. Hurley tells the declared dead Sayid that he is available if Sayid ever wants to talk. A confused Miles looks at Sayid; Hurley asks "What?" and Miles says "Nothing."
  • Assumptions
  1. Jacob is asking Ilana to ensure that Sayid gets to the Island when needed.
  2. Ilana was carrying out Jacob's request.
  3. Jacob had no other way of ensuring that the people listed were aided by the Others.
  4. There is more to the note than we know.
  5. Miles is unable to read Sayid because Sayid is not dead, in spite of what Lennon said.
  • Well, it was Sayid who shot Ben. And if what the loophole folks are saying is true, then this doesn't make sense. Ben was healed in Jacob's waters, so he was able to kill Jacob. Now Sayid was healed in MIB's waters, so he'll be able to kill the MIB. However, if Sayid never came back to the Island, then Ben would have never been shot, thus the snowball of Jacob eventually getting murdered by Ben.
      • It is also noteworthy that while Sayid was being lifted by the Others from the Temple's spring, he had a striking resemblance to Jesus Christ with his arms extended outward before the cruxification. Sayid may become the next savior.
    • It could fit into the balance theme that Jacob needs someone dark/evil to control.
    • Which would make sense because as crazed as Locke was, he was trying to do "the right thing," and now MIB is in him.
      • If Jacob has powers similar to MiB's, it's possible that his powers are greater, so possibly he could take over Sayid's body, instead of just making a duplicate body.
        • To elaborate on the above theory, Christian’s body was taken by Jacob, just as Sayid’s body was taken by Jacob. This is hinted at by the methods of the 2 different forces (Jacob & MIB/Flock). MIB only takes the form of a body; he does not actually “use” the body (example: Lock’s body still in coffin). However, Christian’s body was MISSING from his coffin (likely because Jacob was using it). Christian also claims to be able to speak on Jacob’s behalf, but is not Jacob. Like Christian, Sayid was dead (or so declared by Dogan), but his corpse regained life after the water-dip. The Jacob we have seen is his “real” body; he only borrows the other bodies.
        • Just because Jacob can take over bodies (if he has, that is), doesn't mean that his powers are necessarily greater, they could just be different. Also, as powerful entities, they could just have different preferences on how to use their powers.
          • This seems likely, especially when one considers the natures of the two forces at play here. The dark entity, a (seeming) force of Chaos, would be loathe to allow a human to contain his spirit; perhaps it lessens his amount of control. This is why he impersonates dead people instead of becoming them. Jacob, on the other hand, with his belief in the value of humanity, would be far less hesitant about submitting whatever power he possesses into a human form.
  • Sayid is NOT inhabited by Jacob, rather by his alternate self. Being unconscious allowed his spirit to travel between the two worlds. When Juliet briefly woke up, she muttered something to Sawyer about going out for a cup of coffee. That could have been her alternate self going for a cup of coffee at the same "time", just crossing-over bodies. Somehow these two timelines are going to converge, and Sayid is the catalyst for that.
    • If this were the case then wouldn't Sayid in the prime reality then cease to exist? As far as we know Sayid is still in the prime reality as he kicked the bathroom door when Charlie was trying to choke himself.
      • Think back to "The Constant" when Desmond would blink in and out of consciousness. In 2004 he'd go unconscious and dream/live 1996. In 96 he wasn't unconscious, just living but could then be dually inhabited with "memories" from 04. The same reasoning would apply here. On the plane Sayid's not unconscious. But in the Temple Sayid is unconscious, and wakes up with new "memories" of what is happening on the plane timeline.
  • Sayid's healing process is somewhat different than the old times, compared to when Jacob is still dominating the island, because Sayid is healed by the MIB. Benjamin was healed by Jacob when he is superior than his nemesis. There are certain codes between Jacob and his nemesis, after all they are trying to find loopholes. And the loophole is the ability of killing the healer. And because of that MIB manipulated especially Ben to kill Jacob. Jacob's plan to defeat his nemesis is to use Sayid to kill MIB, because he is the only one that can actually do harm to the Flocke/Smoke Monster.
  • Sayid is brought back to life because he is the only one who can kill Smokey-Nemesis. Sayid is brought back to life by Jacob, as has been said the Nemesis was in other places at the time of Sayid's coming back to life. Sayid has the unique capacity to kill without being evil, his god-given talent is killing. Thus, Smokey-Nemesis cannot judge him to be evil.
    • Dogen was unaware that Jacob was dead when he tried to heal Sayid in the spring, and when Hurley told him, he was shocked. The water looks different for the first time that the Others can remember, which may mean that the nemesis is now the dominant power on the island and thus inhabiting the spring. When Sayid is resurrected, it is by the nemesis, just as when Ben was healed, it was by Jacob, so now Sayid is the only one who can kill the nemesis, because he is bound to him.
      • Just because Dogen is unaware of Jacob's death doesn't mean Jacob hadn't foreseen all these events occurring. Secondly, the water being red may not mean anything about Smokey being a dominant power, it may mean that Jacob has died or it's Jacob's blood in the pool. Of course Dogen et al would never have seen that before now. He tests his hand in the water and it's not working as expected, still they have to try healing Sayid as per whatever was written in the letter from Jacob. And unexpectedly it works. This is all Jacob's plan.
      • This is clearly Jacob's plan, but Dogen is not aware of the plan, though his discovery that Jacob is dead may have explained to him what happened with the water. If Jacob and the MIB were two opposing forces that controlled the island, and Jacob is dead, that may mean that the MIB now has all the abilities and powers that Jacob did. Hence, putting Sayid in the water to heal him when the MIB was in power would produce completely unexpected (to Dogen) results. Jacob, on the other hand, knows exactly how it works and is operating on a level above the MIB.
  • Sayid came to life when Richard was perhaps killed (hit pretty hard) by Flocke. Perhaps Richard's immortality was transferred, or something similar.
  • Jacob guides Hurley what to do, since Hurley is the only one who can see dead people, no one else could see Jacob even if Jacob was somewhere at a visible spot for others, which is why Jacob says he has to go once Jin arrives. Jacob then tells Hurley to bring the guitar case which contains the message to the others on what to do with Sayid's body, the message says for the others to kill Sayid, so Jacob can insert himself to Sayid's body since he knew he would get into one of the buddies, which happened to be Sayid
  • Sayid is dead, then alive again. Maybe it's Jacob who also found a loophole?
      • Unlikely as it took his nemesis over a century to find the loophole. It is not likely that Jacob would find it in an hour.
        • Unless Jacob has been planning a Plan B this whole time in anticipation of MIB finding a loophole
    • Dogan seemed to be expecting Jacob to come to the temple. We don't yet know what the temple dweller's relationship is to Jacob, but we've been led to assume that Richard is the only Other who has seen Jacob, at least recently. It may be that Jacob had previously sent Dogan a message to say that he's coming, but didn't specify that he was coming as a resurrected Sayid.
      • It would be more fitting of the style of the show if Jacob inhabited Jack, since MiB is currently impersonating Locke, and Jack and Lock have almost always been in direct opposition to each other.
        • However, if Jacob went to impersonate Jack, it would not fit into the balance theme that was mentioned above. MiB goes into Locke, who was "good" (read: faithful to the island), and Jacob goes into Sayid, who was "bad"
    • It's possible that in order to be healed by the Temple, you have to die first.
      • Recall that in the prior season finale that Richard stated to NewLocke that he had seen the island do some powerful things but never bring anyone back from the dead. Also, Richard had taken wounded Ben to be healed at the temple as well. This resurrection is a whole new development.
    • Unless Sayid was alive when they put him in the water. It could be the water that drowns you before it brings you back to life. Dying could just be part of the process. Or at least is now that it is MIB's black water.
    • When the water is clear, you can be healed immediately. That's why the Japanese healer tested it with a quick dip of of his cut hand. With the water darkened, he had to risk Sayid's life because the healing would take a much longer without the clear water. Sayid didn't survive the attempt. And it took Jack to heal him, just like he healed Charlie.
      • Jack can heal if he actually breathes life into the body. He is special. I don't remember him giving CPR to Boone, the marshal, or anyone who he's treated who then died.
        • I definitely think Jack has a bigger role in this than we are led to believe, but he didn't perform CPR on his wife, which was probably the biggest "miracle" he performed throughout the series.
        • It's an interesting theory, but not one that can be proven yet. So far he's no different from any other television miracle-working doctor/policeman/engineer etc.
        • When talking to Locke in LAX in a flash-sideways, Jack talks about how nothing is irreversible.
  • It is quite obvious how the healing powers of the island work. It's in the water, think about it, what does everyone on the island drink almost all the time? The water from the springs and what not.
    • It could be that the Japanese man's blood is what healed him...the water was murky, so it may not have been the water's powers, but rather the man's blood dipped into the water.
      • The Others all seemed genuinely shocked to see Sayid alive - as if they couldn't understand it. His "resurrection" is not a result of any of their actions.
      • It looked like him cutting his hand and putting it in the spring was to test if the unexpectedly murky water still possessed its healing powers -- which it did; his hand was healed.
    • It's more likely that Jacob's spirit is inhabiting Sayid. The Man in Black can only take the image of the dead, hence Locke's body is in a coffin on the beach while the Man In Black appears in his image. Unlike this, Sayed has actually come back to life after being dead. If it was the Man in Black, he would appear as Sayid, but Sayid's body would still be dead.
      • This is interesting considering the "Others" said that Sayid had to be healed or they were going to be in a lot of trouble. Presumably implying that Sayid was going to be a vessel for Jacob and that Jacob knew of his demise.
    • Or Sayid is now in "Chains" to the Nemesis, the Dark Richard.
  • It's quite possible that Sayid never actually died as Miles acted as if he hadn't heard Sayid's final thoughts/words.
    • Miles has always given the impression that his powers are not 100% consistent. Jack checked Sayid's pulse to confirm his heart had stopped, so legally he was dead
      • The medical definition of dead and whatever state of dead is required to allow Miles to act as a conduit could be two very different things. Perhaps Sayid was in a state of limbo between the two, but it seemed that Miles had a sense that he couldn't "talk" to Sayid. Though it could also be chalked up to Miles not wanting to try.
      • It's possible his brain was alive while his body was dead; Miles couldn't hear him because he only hears people's thoughts after they die. Sayid's body was brought back to life, but Sayid is still in there.
    • This is exactly what i thought. Further proof to this is that Miles answers "nothing" to Hurley's question "what?". and it might be taken literally just as in case with Juliet and "it worked". So Miles heard nothing while it seemed like he was putting some effort into trying to communicate with Sayid.
  • Going along with the change in accent Sayid displayed after coming back to life, keep in mind the Others held him under water for a long period of time, presumably to drown him but who knows. Charlie died in The Looking Glass by drowning, could the hour glass perhaps be reversing the process of Charlie's death, while at the same time putting him into a new person's body? Just speculating here...
  • Sayid did, in fact, die. Take Dogan's word for it, so... Two things could have possibly brought Sayid back from the dead. -1- Jack healed Sayid. -2- Someone took over his body. The healing power of the water failed to revive Sayid. This puts Dogan into panic-mode because he was warned by Jacob's note that Sayid needed to be saved or something bad would happen. Guess What? Something bad happened, Sayid awoke from the dead.
  • So if Sayid is the new Jacob (in theory), then should we assume that the old Jacob was just someone else's body from a time before the Black Rock arrival? I would think yes, but if the MiB was trying to kill him all this time, then we should likely assume that Jacob was never killed up until now.
    • I believe the body we have come to know Jacob in is his original body, as is the body we first see the MIB in. Altough, I have another theory about the two men and how they came to be in their present bodies - both are smoke monsters, one black (MIB) and one white (Jacob). The bodies they live in when we first see them are just the bodies of people that died prior to us seeing them on the beach.
  • All the Losties touched by Jacob are the new Jacob. It was crucial to save Sayid, because they all need to survive to fight MIB. Now, MIB can't kill them just as he could not kill Jacob.
  • Jacob warned that everyone would be in a lot of trouble if Sayid died. This was not a plea to save Sayid, rather it was a warning that now that Sayid is dead, they're in a lot of trouble. Whether Sayid is himself, Jacob, Nemesis, Charlie, or alternate timeline Sayid, he is a major threat.
  • It could be that the letter actually told the Others that Sayid would need to die so that Jacob could inhabit him, which would explain why it was that the three Others basically drowned Sayid.
    • Whether the letter said this or not, i.e. whether or not Jacob revealed his plan, Jacob could have instructed them to undertake the dunking knowing that this would make Sayid's body available for Jacob to occupy.
  • Being healed in the temple changes you.
  • I think that Sayid came alive simply as Dogen intended. However when he apparently died, he barely reacted and callously said to the Losties "your friend is dead" and walked away. He most likely knew that for such a desperate case, the water of the pool had to actually overcome his own living system before eventually, healing him and bringing him "back to life". Some kind of animation suspension, as it were.
  • Sayid was saved the same way the Ben was saved when he was a young child and dying from a gun shot wound (ironically from Sayid). To quote the line from Ben Linus' Wiki "Alpert said that he could save Ben, but at a cost: he would lose his innocence, never be the same again, forget the whole event, and "always be one of us". Kate and Sawyer agreed that it was worth it to save Ben's life. Richard took the unconscious Ben to the Temple. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")". This could mean that Sayid will not have any memory of being shot and will have lost the little bit of innocence he had - and will now be 'one of them'.
  • When Jacob tells Hurley to take Sayid to the temple to 'be saved', it doesn't necessarily mean to be kept alive. Perhaps the spring is intended for healing, but also for Baptism. It is Sayid's SOUL that needed to be saved, not necessarily his life. Now he has been purified and forgiven for his many sins. Sayid has been reborn, ressurected, and is now a cleansed vessel for another entity to inhabit. We will not know more until firther episodes.
  • John Locke has inhabited Sayid's corpse.
  • By accepting the healing powers of Jacob he is indoctinrated as a follower of Jacob. By accepting the gift and abusing it, he could pose a threat to the way of life of his followers. Essentially, he could potentially be another Ben.
  • When Jacob touched people, he transferred some of his powers to them knowing he was going to die. Because of these powers Sayid has come back to life.
  • This theory must seem pretty proposterous for LOST, but what if Sayid is just Sayid and not possessed by anybody? Jack administered CPR and Sayid came back. Noting from the hour glass, Sayid was SUPPOSED to drown in that water. A person needs to be without air for 3 minutes to be completely dead.

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