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Sawyer's stash; consisting of Weapons, food and the Virgin Mary Statue
Charlie and Hurley raid Sawyer's stash as Charlie's reflection appears just above the Nabokov novel. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes")

Sawyer is a self-interested opportunist, and hoards what he can on the island. After Flight 815 went down, he was the first to search the wreckage for useable items. Later on, he took to bartering, and in some cases, stealing other items that were "overlooked" by fellow survivors, though he rationalized a "finders keepers" attitude. It was this attitude which led Jack and Sayid to suspect that he stole Shannon's inhalers, and led to his torture; however, it turned out he never had them at all, and was only bluffing out of pride.

After he left on the raft and was captured/traveling with the Tailies (and later, suffering from infection), Sawyer was unable to attend to his stash. In "The Long Con", he accused other survivors of plundering his stash while he was away, despite the fact that this was consistent with his previous "finders keepers" outlook. He then devised a plan (in the same episode) to con Locke into revealing the whereabouts of the guns, which in following episodes were under his possession (though occasionally still distributed for group use on expeditions).

Occasionally, Sawyer shows humanity and gives items without exchange, such as the heroin to help Libby with her pain. This is how Kate was allowed to see the location of the stash, which turned out to be under Sawyer's tent all along, buried in the ground under a sign that was covered with dirt and a tarp.

In "Live Together, Die Alone", Vincent discovered Sawyer's stash and brought a Virgin Mary statue to Charlie. When Charlie proceeded to chase Vincent, he led Charlie right back to Sawyer's tent, where Charlie discovered Sawyer's stash.

In "Flashes Before Your Eyes", Sawyer's stash is once again plundered, this time by Hurley and Charlie. In "Enter 77" Sawyer tries to win back his stash in a ping pong game but is soundly beaten by Hurley and has to give up using nicknames for a week. Hurley offers him his porn magazines as a consolation prize.

Specifically-mentioned or seen items

Sawyer reading Bad Twin
Hurley reads Vladimir Nabokov's Laughter in the Dark from Sawyer's stash. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes")

Books (Sawyer is seen with or has in his stash)

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