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Save the Queen as it appears in Final Fantasy XII.

Save the Queen (セーブザクイーン Sēbu za Kuīn) is a weapon of differing types, most often a powerful sword, appearing in various games. It is often a powerful weapon for female characters or Paladins, although other classes can also use it.



Final Fantasy III

In the DS version, the Save the Queen is awarded to level 99 Knights by the Legendary Smith.

Final Fantasy VI

The Save the Queen is Celes' special weapon in Final Fantasy VI Advance. It is gained by defeating the new Blue Dragon in the Dragons' Den. Its description states that it was wielded by a renowned general, a possible reference to Beatrix.

Final Fantasy VIII

The Save the Queen is the most powerful whip for Quistis Trepe. It is refined from two Malboro Tentacles, four Sharp Spikes, and four Energy Crystals.

It is mentioned in the August Issue of Weapons Monthly Magazine. Some European releases renamed this whip the "Gold Snake".

Final Fantasy IX

The Save the Queen is an exclusive weapon of Beatrix's, which cannot be removed from her. Though the sword's Attack power is low, it has a special damage algorithm that adds the user's level to its Attack power, making it the strongest weapon in the game if the user is above Level 85. However, as mentioned only Beatrix can use the weapon, and the only way to attack with it is for Amarant Coral to Throw it. If it is in the inventory during the ending, it will trigger an extra scene.

Save the Queen can be obtained by Synthesizing through Hades in Memoria, it cannot be equipped by any party members, but Amarant can Throw it.

Tetra Master

Save The Queen
  • Card 078
  • Location: Treno, Card Stadium

Final Fantasy X

Any of Tidus' swords can be named Save the Queen when Double Overdrive and Double AP are the superior abilities.

Final Fantasy XI

The Save the Queen is a high level sword available to Paladins. When a Paladin uses his Cover ability, the duration of cover increases by 1 hit and the Paladin gains +20 Accuracy. For perspective, this is one of the highest active or latent Accuracy boosts in the game.

Final Fantasy XII

The Save the Queen is a greatsword, acquired by completing the Creature Collector hunt, as well as from Balfonheim. It can only be equipped by characters with the "Greatsword 2" license. The Save the Queen is the most powerful Greatsword a player can buy from a shop.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

The Save the Queen can be used by Basch.

Final Fantasy XIII

The Save the Queen is a Final Tier Coat Weapon for Snow upgraded from a maxed tier 2 Weapon.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The first appearance of the weapon. Save the Queen is a knightsword with Auto-Protect, and is initially in the hands of Meliadoul Tingel. She will bring it with her when she joins Ramza's party. It can also be found in Midlight's Deep.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Save the Queen is a powerful knight sword that teaches defensive abilities to Paladins, Templars, and Defenders. It is also the sword used by Llednar Twem. It is also of the Holy element and enhances the power of Holy-elemental spells/attacks.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Save the Queen reappears in the sequel with similar attributes to the former incarnation. It is Frimelda's initial equip. It teaches Cover to Paladins, which protect the target from attacks until the users next turn. For Defenders, it teaches Bulwark, preventing all damage for a round. For Templar, it teaches Astra which negates the next debuff on target. The first time you fight Illua, she uses "Save the Queen".

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The Save the Queen is an artifact that raises Defense by 4. It can be obtained by defeating the Giant Crab in cycle 3 or later.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

The Save the Queen is a powerful bow, one of the last to be obtained. It can be equipped by all tribes.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Save the Queen is a level 85 sword that increases Attack by 58 and increases base Bravery by 40% at the start of a battle.

Appearances outside the Final Fantasy series

Kingdom Hearts series

Save the Queen is Donald's ultimate weapon in both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, and a staff rather then the traditional sword. In Kingdom Hearts, it could be won in a tournament, and in Kingdom Hearts II it is a Synthesizable weapon. A better version of the weapon could also be synthesized, called "Save the Queen+". Goofy has a weapon called Save the King, which is the most powerful shield, and, like Save the Queen, it also has an upgrade version called Save the King+. While it is an obvious reference to Final Fantasy, there has never been an equipment piece in Final Fantasy called Save the King, shield or otherwise.


"Save the Queen" is possibly derived from the name of the royal anthem, God Save the Queen.

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