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Save Smiley from toxic caves
location: Toxic Cave
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Smiley is a trapper who was gotten himself injured in the Toxic Caves. As such, he cannot escape past the geckos and is unable to return to Klamath. The player, upon ariving in Klamath learns of Smiley's perdiciment from his sweetheart and has the option to try and save him.

To save Smiley, you need a well-equipped party, lots of ammo, lots of stimpaks and rubber boots. The caves are full of toxic wastes (that's what the boots are for) and golden geckos, so prepair for a hard fight. The boots aren't 100% necessary, but you'll loose HP and mutate your feet if you don't wear them. Smiley himself is in the far back of the lower level of the caves right next to a mysterious underground bunker entrence.

If you have an action point rating of 9 or 10 (if you have the bonus move perk, you should be able to do this even with less AP), you can do this mission on your own with a spear/sharpened spear quite early on in the game. Upon entering the caves, you should see some regular geckos, which hopefully will not pose much of a threat to you. After battling against them, heal and continue (you may wish to save the game first.) You should reach a sector with two golden geckos, make sure only one of them sees and chases you. Each time it gets close, hit it once (4AP) and using the remaining 6 to fall back, if the gecko is still alive when you reach the exit, continue the tactic, but moving in the direction you came from. You should be able to kill it without getting hit once. If you did get hit critically somehow, use an item of your choice. Then repeat tactic for the second gecko. Be sure to check out the room to the south-east, as it has a set of boots (you only need to carry it to "use" it, per se) and some ammo. Now continue, you should end up going down a ladder. There will be a golden gecko waiting at the base of the ladder, if my memory serves me right. Unfortunately, there is not enough room for a hit and run. You're going to have to, dare I say it, fight this one fairly. Use healing items mid-combat if your chances look bleak.

However, after this, you should be able to use the hit-and-run tactic on all the remaining Geckos (it will take a long time!) Doing this mission early on in the game will help get you karma, and access to more missions, etc. There is a suspicious-looking elevator and generator at the end of the cave (where Smiley is), if you have the repair skills, be sure to investigate.

Once you exit combat and talk to Smiley, he'll join you as an NPC until you return to Klamath. There the happy couple reunites and you, Chosen One, are taught Gecko Skinning by Smiley so you'll finally be able to get the skins off of dead geckos. Although the skins are not worth too much, they can turn a profit and its a fun perk to have.

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