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Save Sinthia

The Crazed Raider has been dispatched.
location: Junktown - The Crash House Hotel
given by: Marcelles
reward: 1000 XP (peaceful solution)
free night at Crash House
400 XP (killing the raider)
Expanded dialogue

If you spend a night in the Crash House Hotel in Junktown, you'll wake up to find the hooker Sinthia is being held hostage by a random raider in the room next to yours. Naturally, you're called upon to rescue her by the landlady of the hotel, Marcelles.

As soon as the raider can see you he will initiate dialogue (if you're the type to save before doing something important make sure not to save whilst in his field of view or it will be impossible to resolve this peacefully if you reload.) When talking with the raider make sure to reassure him that noone's going to hurt him and basically cave in to his demands. If your speech skill is high enough you can convince him to leave without a fight, but unless your speech skill is very high you may need to pay him either 100 or 200 Bottle caps, depending on what you say and when.

Another solution is to begin talking with the Crazed Raider in a calming manner. If he says he needs think about it, walk in on him. He will attack you instead of Synthia, and you can kill him and save her.

A variant of the above. Again talk to him in a calming manner and he'll say he needs to think about it. Before walking in the room activate the sneak ability. If it's high enough you'll be able to sneak behind him without him attacking you. Don't bother pickpocketing him, his weapons don't appear in the menu. Instead shoot him and you'll knock him unconscious. The girl will at first think he's dead but the game confirms he's not.

  • If you don't save her, she suffers a bloody death and the other girls resent you for it!
  • If you do save her, her "services" will be available (only 40 caps, but only 10 minutes)!
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