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This is the icon in GTA San Andreas
A Satchel Charge.

The Satchel Charges are a remotely-detonated explosive from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.



When satchel charges are planted, the player gains a detonator in an additional weapon slot; by firing the detonator, the charges explode. Satchel charges can be detonated from any distance, and with any time delay, assuming they still exist. There is a limit on the amount of satchel charges that can be placed in the game: 32. After the limit is reached, any further placement of the charges won't appear in the game. They will stick to walls and vehicles if thrown on them.

Note that once you place a satchel charge, citizens around you will begin to scream and run away, and most of the time, you will receive one star.



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"Copy that. Somebody get a satchel on the gate!"
—Sergeant Avery J. Johnson

The Satchel Charge is a United Nations Space Command ground explosive.


Marines use satchel charges to clear large, reinforced doors, or obstacles out of the way, although they are also often used as offensive weapons to dislodge dug-in enemy troops. They contain C9 plastic explosive and can penetrate through half a meter of Titanium-A.

Spartan-IIs Vinh-030 and Isaac-039 used satchel charges, during the Battle of Reach to hold back the Covenant entering ONI's CASTLE Base and allow the others time to retreat further into the base; however, they disappeared in the blast and were presumed dead.

It may be standard equipment for UNSC Marines.


  • Outskirts - Sergeant Johnson orders a Marine to set a satchel charge to break through a gate that is impeding their incursion. The charge is never used, as a Hunter pair bashes through from the other side of the gate and attacks.
  • Metropolis - One charge can be found next to a dead Marine on the way out of the first Amphitheater. A Rocket Launcher is also lying beside the corpse.

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