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For another meaning of "Saratoga", please see USS Saratoga.
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, No. 18
Author(s): Michael Jan Friedman
Publication information
Published: Paperback - November 1996
Pages: 275
ISBN: ISBN 0671568973
Date: 2372

Sisko is reunited with several of the other survivors of the Saratoga, although one of them has a deadly plan in motion that is linked with a mission of the ship. Meanwhile, Odo must pose as Quark to help a Bajoran city.


Introduction (blurb)

When the Borg destroyed the U.S.S. Saratoga at Wolf 359, killing Captain Sisko's beloved wife, one chapter in his life came to a tragic end. Now painful memories are reawakened when the U.S.S. Defiant carries the survivors of the Saratoga to an important Starfleet ceremony. But Sisko's bittersweet reunion with his old crewmates is cut short when an unexpected malfunction threatens the Defiant as well as the lives of everyone aboard. Even worse, evidence suggests that the accident was caused by deliberate sabotage.

Has one of Sisko's oldest friends betrayed them all? Sisko and Dax must uncover the truth before death claims the survivors of the Saratoga.








Curzon Dax | Divok | Inartha Dor | Gauri | Marta Grindberg | Ishka | K'Ehleyr | Krechma | Moxon | Nigel | Norslat | Keiko O'Brien | Molly O'Brien | Pardee | Tad Posset | Pluboi | Gregory Quinn | Ainad Secori | Shakaar Edon | Joe Simko | Simora | Jennifer Sisko | Storil | Tarleggia | Kasidy Yates | Zek



Referenced: Alaska | Butera V | Danula II | Ducrain Province | Earth | Gamma Quadrant | Greece | Guldammur IV | Mariphasa IV | Muuldax Prime | Risa | Romulan Neutral Zone | Scintaavi | Thetalian Prime | Wolf 359


Referenced: Benzite | Borg | Breen | In'taq | Jem'Hadar | Klingon | Menas Baari | Mugato | Muuldaxan | Nausicaan | Romulan | Silesi | Tyrhennian | Vulcan


Referenced: USS Enterprise-D | USS Saratoga (NCC-31911)

Starship classes

Referenced: Borg cube

States and Organisations

Referenced: Bajoran Resistance | Dominion | Starfleet Academy


Cloaking device | Escape pod | Holodeck | Holosuite | Phaser | Photon torpedo | Power coil | Probe | Sensor array | Tractor beam | Turbolift | Water pump


Aurora Borealis | Bajoran religion | Battle of Wolf 359 | Benarrh | Blood | Champagne | Chess | Chessboard | Chicken pox | Comet | Corlandium | Darts | Dartboard | Dilithium | Dom-jot | Duranium | Ferengi Rules of Acquisition | Goryyn's syndrome | Gruw'r spots | Klingon hot sauce | Kras'suda blossom | Krechma Offensive | Latinum | Menju nut | Moxon Maneuver | Mumps | Nobmoch | Occupation of Bajor | Penal colony | Pluboi Ploy | Quantum mechanics | Racquetball | Raktajino | Resistance nodule | Rogue comet | Scintaavian sunset | Shore leave | Spacedock | Starfleet Academy Marathon | Supernova | Thoridium sulfide | Tropazine | Wave nexus | Zombie


  • Some fans have claimed this novel is a reworking of Friedman's Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Reunion. Friedman commented "I had so much fun with Reunion I thought I would do it again... I certainly wasn't recycling stuff". (Voyages of Imagination)
  • Friedman also commented "I was happy with the job I did but I don't know if I had as much of an affinity for Deep Space Nine as I did for the Next Generation. In TNG you saved the galaxy from some horrible threat. In DS9 you saved Quark's bar. To me it was a whole different scale and so the motivation was more mercenary. It was much more in keeping with DS9, especially DS9 at that point, before you get into the Dominion War. I don't know if it worked as well because of that.". (Voyages of Imagination)
  • The names of the Bolian Lieutenant and the late Vulcan captain of the Saratoga differ in this novel from other pieces of Star Trek literature. The Bolian is called "Zar" and the Vulcan is called "Saros".

Related stories

  • DS9 episode: "Emissary": The surviving crew recall the destruction of the Saratoga at Wolf 359. Sisko, Jake, Hranok and Barnes mention Jennifer's death.
  • TNG episode: "The Emissary": O'Brien recalls K'Ehleyr's unusual arrival in that episode.
  • DS9 episode: "The Adversary": Occuring a short time before the events of the novel, Pernon mentions that the Bajorans are one of many races "watching out" for Changeling infiltrators.


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