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Varrock Saranthium Mort Myre Swamp
Exam Centre

Saranthium was a city that sat upon the ruins of Senntisten, a Zarosian city and temple complex that extended as far south as the Exam Centre. It was built by Saradominists for the sole purpose of covering up the remains of Senntisten



Before the God Wars Saranthium was a Zarosian town, probably the capital, called Senntisten. During the Third Age, Zarosians probably made a teleport so that they could escape far away battles.

Zamorak rebelled against Zaros (stealing a large quantity of his godly essence), but, though Zaros's other lands were quickly overrun, such was the power of Senntisten that it was not until around 3,500 years later that the city was defeated. It is evident that the city was totally Zamorakian by the year 3740, possibly earlier. However, the forces of Saradomin soon began various attacks on the city, and they eventually won it by 3804 (possibly earlier). They buried all Zamorakian and Zarosian altars, including one that players discover in the Digsite Quest, and items with Zamorakian or Zarosian symbols on. They then built their own city on top, and renamed it Saranthium.

Zamorak was not pleased at losing such a huge city and fought back. The city, however, survived the God Wars, though gradually it fell into ruin during the barbaric early years of the Fourth Age.

Monsters of the site

During the Digsite Quest, players encounter skeletons underground in a Zarosian altar. There are also a few goblins around the area.

Skills to practice

Uncover more history

Players can learn more history by digging at the Digsite and cleaning finds at the Varrock Museum.

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