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Sarah Poole-April.

Doctor Sarah Poole-April (nee Sarah Poole) was a Starfleet medical officer who served in the 23rd century.

Until 2243, Dr. Poole was serving as a private veterinarian after leaving Starfleet. One of her clients over the years was Captain Robert April, who would often bring his dog for treatment. The two developed a strong friendship, and when the USS Enterprise was assigned a top-secret mission into the Romulan Neutral Zone in 2243, April brought Sarah aboard as his chief medical officer. Following the mission, Sarah agreed to remain aboard for the Enterprise's first five-year mission. (TOS novel: Final Frontier).

She began to enjoy her time aboard the Enterprise despite her initial reservations, what with encountering new alien races and getting the chance to tackle multiple new illnesses and diseases. By October 2246, Sarah and Robert were married, and she served as an excellent wife and counsel for Captain April throughout the rest of his command. (TOS short story: "Though Hell Should Bar the Way").


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