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Sarah (or Sara) may refer to:


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Sarah is the 15-year-old heroine of the movie Labyrinth. Although never said in the film, according to Return to Labyrinth, her full name is Sarah Williams.

When Sarah, in a fit of frustration, wishes her baby brother Toby away to the goblins, she must undertake a fantastical journey through the domain of Jareth, the sinister Goblin King, and also through her own mind as she discovers what it really means to be courageous, determined, and responsible for one's own actions.

At the beginning of the movie, Sarah is very childish and selfish. Lost in her world of daydreams, fantasies, and heaps of self-pity, she pictures herself as an undeservingly unfortunate girl forced by her wicked stepmother to take care of a horrible little step-brother, but in fact she is a very spoiled young lady who is used to always getting her own way and often refuses to accept reality.

By the end of the movie, Sarah has lost her spoiled attitude, gained new love and appreciation for Toby, and realized that everyone has to grow up...but that doesn't have to mean losing your inner child.

Sarah is a devotee of fantasy literature, and she enjoys acting out scenes from her favorite stories (including a book with the same title as the movie).

It is also worth noting that several of her toys and belongings resemble characters and objects from the labyrinth.

Sarah also appears in the manga Return to Labyrinth.

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Sarah can refer to:

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Final Fantasy

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Princess Sarah, also given as Princess Sara (セーラ Sēra), is a recurring name used by several princesses in the Final Fantasy series.



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Final Fantasy

Artwork of Sarah from the Dawn of Souls port.
Sarah's sprite in modern versions of Final Fantasy

Princess Sarah is a minor character in the original Final Fantasy. She is the daughter of the King of Cornelia and Queen Jayne, and has a younger sister. She is kidnapped by Garland, and held hostage in the Chaos Shrine, but the Warriors of Light rescue her. In return, she gives them the lute, which later enables them to expose a hidden passage in the Chaos Shrine when they travel to the past towards the end of the game.

Final Fantasy III

Main article: Sara Altney

Princess Sara meets the party while on her way to stop Djinn of Fire. Later in the game, she would help save the light warriors from the Curse of the Five Wyrms, along with Desch, Alus Restor, one of the Old Men, and Cid Haze. In the Nintendo DS remake, she and Ingus have a small love story.

Final Fantasy IX

Main article: Garnet til Alexandros XVII

Sarah is Garnet's real name, before she was adopted by Queen Brahne. The player must go to Madain Sari and reveal the hidden text on the Eidolon wall to find this out. This makes her the first playable Princess Sarah in the series.


Sarah (שָׂרָה in hebrew) is a Hebrew name for "princess", or a woman of high rank.

In Popular Culture

8-Bit Theater

A parody version of the original Final Fantasy's Sarah, who, due to her frequently being kidnapped and exposed to evil people, is more evil than most of the villians. She decides to help Garland learn to become a villian because of his incompetence.

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Guild Wars

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Species: Human/Ghost
Profession: Healer
Level(s): 1, 15


Sarah, Pre-Searing

Sarah is a healer in Ashford Village and the mother of the little girl Gwen.



"Poor Mrs. Twindle. Both her children sick with the croup again, and her husband ran off a fortnight ago."
"Oh, drat. I've run out of myrtle weed again, I'd better go look for some."


  • Sarah does not appear often; you might have to rezone a dozen times before she appears. (Her spawning rate seems the same whether Gwen is following you or not.)
  • If you bring a Wolf close to the Resurrection Shrine when she has spawned, she will freak out as the wolf will start chasing her. She will run till the wolf has disengaged her or until the wolf has trapped her on the stairs of her house.

Sarah, Post-Searing

She perished in the Searing and her ghost can be found in the Underworld. Even in death, she is very concerned about the whereabouts and welfare of her daughter.


Sarah: "Gwen! My poor baby... Gwen, where are you?"
Benton: "This is not at all what I expected. I was a great warrior once. I gave my life defending the wall. Is this my reward?"
Sarah: "I... I'm sorry, did you say something? I'm looking for my daughter. She's just a little girl. Have you seen her?"
Benton: "Nay, lady, I'm sorry to say I haven't. May the gods be with you, if they yet live."
Sarah: "Gwen! Oh where can she be?"

If Gwen is in the party the following dialogue occurs.

Sarah: Gwen? Has anyone seen my daughter, Gwen? Gwen?
Gwen: "Mommy...? Mother, is that you?
Sarah: "Gwen!! Look how you've grown! How many years have passed me by in this place...? I feared I would never seen you again; that you were lost to me forever.
Gwen: "Mother, I...I don't know what to say. I've wanted to see you for so long. I searched everywhere after... the Searing. I tried to find you. Others survived, so I thought...I hoped...that somehow...
Sarah: I know I wasn't there for you. I'm so sorry about that.... But look at you now. You've become a beautiful young woman! Oh, the years I missed. There's so much to say; a lifetime of regrets I can never turn into words.
Gwen: You don't need to regret the words we haven't spoken...only those we have yet to say.
Sarah: To think that my little, carefree daugter, whose head was once so filled with adventures, could say such a thing.
Gwen: I'm not that little girl anymore, Mother. Those days are lost behind a wall of fire.
Sarah: Your life wasn't easy, was it? I can't even imagine. You were so young...Gwen...too young to grow up alone in that hellish world. Is it better now? I pray everyday that your suffering has ended, that the world has become sane again...
Gwen: The Charr are... they still threaten our homes, our people. We fight them even now, so that others will never know the pain we carry in our hearts.
Sarah: We?
Gwen: Yes. We... I and my friends... and many other brave warriors. We do what we can; what must be done. The Charr... they took you away from me. They took so much... from us all. I can never forget that. Never!
Sarah: Oh, Gwen. I know you were hurt. But you can't let wounds from your past guide the decisions you make in the present.
Gwen: I can't forget what I lost, Mother. I won't forget you.
Sarah: I'm not asking you to forget. Some things we carry within our hearts, always. We all have scares and memories, tears of loss and laughter from mirths long gone. They're a part of us. But they are not all that we are.
Sarah: We are something greater than the sum of our parts. We can learn and grow. Let your experiences, both good and bad, teach you, guide you. But never let them control you.
Gwen: Mother, I... this is not a fight I can abandon. Not after all we've lost. I must see this through. I must.
Sarah: No matter how hard you fight, you can never bring those things back, Gwen. They belong to the past now. Your life... you... you belong to the present; no, to the future... Let me tell you something I learned only after my death.
Sarah: We view this world through eyes cast forward, so we can see the future stretching out in front of us, beckoning us onward through our lives. So, if you must fight, fight for the life you want to lead... for the future you want to live in.
Sarah: If you fight to fix the regret of the past, you will lose. The past cannot be beaten. As you said, we shouldn't regret the words we never got a chance to say... or the life we never got to lead. Live your life, my little girl. That is all a mother wants... all I ever wanted.
Gwen: I... I don't know what to say. I love you.
Sarah: As I love you. Your eyes speak the words you cannot say. I know there is something you must do, Gwen. I always knew you would achieve great things.
Sarah: Now, I see you before me. I see the kind of person you have become. Strong but willful, caring and empathic, but so driven. I will worry about you... that is a mother's right... but I won't stop you.
Sarah: Go. Do what you must. Just be careful. I will be here, waiting for you to return.
Gwen: When this is all over, I will return. I promise. And, if the gods are just, I shall bring good tidings...
Gwen: But, please don't wait for me, Mother. You must move on as well, and you will always be in my heart. Always. That is something I can take with me as I look forward to that future; that bright horizon yet to dawn. I love you, Mommy.
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Los Angeles, California, USA
Elementary school teacher
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Family members
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Ray Shephard - Ex-Grandfather-in-law
Christian Shephard - Ex-Father-in-law
Margo Shephard - Ex-Mother-in-law
Jack Shephard - Ex-husband
Claire Littleton - Ex-Sister-in-law
Aaron Littleton - Ex-nephew
Jack's ex-wife.

S1 - S2 - S3 - MP - S4 - S5 - S6


Sarah is Jack Shephard's ex-wife. She is a teacher ("The Hunting Party").


Accident and meeting Jack

Sarah was driving the other car in an accident that killed Shannon Rutherford's father, Adam Rutherford, a little over 3 years before Oceanic Flight 815 crashed. She was engaged to Kevin at the time of her car accident.

She was miraculously cured after Jack returned from running and talked to Desmond. This led to them getting married. It is unknown whether she used Jack's last name, but it is assumed she did. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")

Sarah has a pregnancy scare; the scare was that the child was not Jack's. She later left Jack because he was overworking, and she was seeing another man. ("The Hunting Party")


Sarah, pregnant, visits Jack in the emergency room.

Sarah and Jack ultimately got divorced; Jack bitterly contested the divorce and eventually began stalking her trying to discover the identity of her lover. Jack eventually accused his own father and assaulted him in public, after finding his father' telephone number in Sarah's cell phone call records. Juliet told Jack that Sarah is now happy. ("A Tale of Two Cities")

After the rescue of the Oceanic 6

Sarah arrives at the emergency room where Jack is being treated, stating that Jack still has Sarah listed as his emergency contact person. At this point Sarah is visibly pregnant.

She is aware of his recently developed drinking tendencies and is highly disturbed by it, as she askes if he is "drinking again". ("Through the Looking Glass")


  • "Sarah" is also the alias given to Ana Lucia by Christian in "Two for the Road". She calls him "Tom".
  • Sarah's injury from the accident, a punctured lung full of blood, is the same as Naomi's after she lands in a tree. Jack treats it in the same way as Mikhail treats Naomi's--sticking a large needle in her.
  • In Lost: Via Domus, her maiden name is given as Wagner. However, the game is considered non-canon.
  • Julie Bowen, who plays Sarah, really was pregnant when Sarah's scene with Jack in the emergency room was filmed. She gave birth to a baby boy on 11 April 2007.
  • Julie Bown is quoted on (the Internet Movie Database) as saying that she thinks the sexiest actor out there is DJ Qualls, who plays Hurley's friend, Johnny, in "Everybody Hates Hugo".

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Sarah Shephard/Theories
  • Who is the father of her baby?

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Sarah may refer to any of the following NPCs:

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Sarah is the first name of several women involved in Star Wars productions:

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Star Wars Fanon

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Biographical information



33 BBY

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Chronological and political information

Galactic Republic

"No, Sarah!"
—Alpha Three's last words[src]

Sarah, nicknamed Alpha Two was a member of Alpha Squad who served General Yoakido during many of his battles. She was killed in 33 BBY along with the General and her fellow members of Alpha Squad above Nar Shaddaa by Skelldon J. Bones and IG-86.



Attack on The Finest Hour

In 33 BBY, General Yoakido's ship The Finest Hour had been tracked to Nar Shaddaa. The two assassins broke in and killed Alpha One, who alerted the crew of the intruders before dying. Sarah and Alpha Three were in the corridors ready to defend them of the mysterious killers. One of them, Skelldon J. Bones, arrived and opened fire. General Yoakido, who came to help his weary men, arrived and witnessed Sarah being gunned down. Alpha Three was also killed. The general dueled with Skelldon, but was outmatched and shot in the head. Alpha Leader and the co-pilot soon followed them, as they were killed by IG-86. Only General Yoakido's son Ben and his friend Brent Rhea were the only two to survive and flee to Nar Shaddaa.

Behind the Scenes

  • Sarah is the only member of Alpha Squad to receive a name, besides her nickname of Alpha Two.


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