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This article is about the god. For the constellation referenced in Betrayal at Falador, see Saradomin (constellation).
Symbol of Saradomin
Saradomin found in the FunOrb game Arcanists.

Saradomin (pronounced "Sa-ra-dome-in",[1] commonly known as Sara) is the god of "pleasantry, order, and wisdom" and is one of the most popular gods. Little is known about his past, but he has a great many followers, and there are far more churches dedicated to Saradomin than Zamorak. Most of his followers reside in Misthalin, Asgarnia, Kandarin and Entrana, but there are several groups outside these areas. Unlike Zamorak or Guthix, his followers consist almost entirely of humans. Saradomin's symbol is a four-pointed star (that is usually coloured gold or silver). Full Saradomin armour comprises Saradomin Platelegs/Saradomin Plateskirt, Saradomin Platebody, Saradomin Full Helmet, and a Saradomin Kiteshield.

People also realise, however, that being the god of Order is not necessarily the same as being the god of "Good"; his followers would kill for the greater maintenance of Order. Though most wars instigated by Saradomin could be described as having a righteous cause, the Church of Saradomin is somewhat corrupt, throwing suspicion onto Saradomin's beliefs, or, at least, his followers' interpretations of them.

In the FunOrb game Arcanists, two statues of Saradomin can be found on the Sky Castle stage.



Saradomin in statue form
  • Side: Law & Order, Justice
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol:Star of Saradomin
  • Colour(s): White/blue/yellow
  • Motto: "Strength Through Wisdom"
  • Animal: Hare
  • Race: God
  • Bird: Saradomin owl

If you examine an Icon of Saradomin in a POH, it says 'The holy symbol of the God of Light'.

History of Saradomin

An old picture of Saradomin.
Evil must be destroyed in all of its forms, not mollycoddled and allowed to spread. Should Guthix have his way, he would allow the evil Zamorakians free reign within my lands, spreading their forces like a cancer until they were ingrained so deeply, that to remove them would destroy the world. I will never permit such an abomination to occur on these lands, for I cannot suffer such evil to live on. Only through purification can we cleanse this world of all evil, and live in the utopia which my order offers, yet foolish Guthix cannot see how my path is the only true way this world may flourish!

Saradomin is said to have come into the realm of Gielinor whilst Guthix slept, along with Zaros, Armadyl, the Mahjarrat and about a dozen other deities.Although Nobody really knows how he achieved the Godhood, He himself claims to have created the world, although there is much more evidence that the elder gods created the plane of Gielinor and then Guthix was the one who shaped Gielinor. Saradomin gives an analogy involving smithing and ores in one of the God letters, implying that while he may not have created the world, he refined it. It is also said that the first place Saradomin stepped when he came to Gielinor was Entrana. This is probably why the monks consider Entrana the holiest place on Gielinor.

In the Second Age, his followers' known territories consisted of Hallowland with its capital, Hallowvale, in the southern part of what is now Morytania, some of the Kharidian Desert cities, and some areas of modern Kandarin. When the Zarosian empire reached its peak, the Staff of Armadyl was stolen from Armadyl by a Saradominist explorer. The actions of followers of both Saradomin and Zamorak (who was still a Mahjarrat at that time) led to the fall of Zaros and, consequently, Zamorak's rise to godhood. The god of Order collaborated with Zamorak to hunt the followers of Zaros down, but Zamorak quickly turned against him, sparking the God Wars. It is believed that Saradomin supported Zamorak in defeating Zaros to gain more power, not predicting that Zamorak would turn into his worst enemy.

In the beginning of the God Wars, even after Zamorak turned against him, Saradomin cooperated with the evil god to banish the remaining followers of Zaros. As the God Wars progressed, many other Gods like Bandos and even Armadyl entered the war for one reason or another. Most of them eventually turned against each other. As seen in the God Wars Dungeon, even the followers of Armadyl, who is a friend of Saradomin, battle with followers of Saradomin.

The God Wars ended when Guthix awoke from millennia of hibernation. Saradomin's followers consisted almost entirely of humans from that point onwards. In the 2nd and 3rd Ages, he was also worshiped by a race that inhabited Hallowvale called the Icyene.

In response to his statements, such as claiming to have created Gielinor, Saradomin responds: "Ah... but have you questioned whatever motives Guthix himself might have, to slander me so outrageously? Would you give him the credit for the peace that mostly reigns upon this world for his contribution of sleep? I call this world my creation, for the value system of honour, and courage, and mercy, and wisdom are attributes that I brought to this once barbaric land! It is true, I did not physically create the raw material of this world, but I have shaped and sculpted it into the glorious land that it is today!"[2] Also, Sir Amik Varze, though having mysteriously come to rule over Falador through Sir Vallance's absence, claims that killing an 'unarmed foe', such as Solus Dellagar is against the way of his Knights and that of Saradomin.

Affiliated Items

The Godsword, a weapon Saradomin followers fought to regain, donning the Saradomin hilt created by Saradomin priests.

Saradomin Armour

Saradomin Weapons


Saradomin Ranger Armour


Some Saradominists believe that there are only three gods, denying the existence of other gods/demi-gods.


Groups and races

Notable individuals

  • Commander Zilyana - Leader of Saradomin's army in the God Wars Dungeon, who is possibly one of the few remaining Icyenes.
  • Wise Old Man - Famous Saradominist hero and mage.
  • Sigmund - Former advisor to the Duke of Lumbridge. He became the leader of his own split faction of the H.A.M. cult. After a few failed attempts to destroy the Dorgeshuun, he is killed by Zanik.  
  • King Roald - King of the Kingdom of Misthalin.
  • Drezel - The priest in Paterdomus, the ancient temple dedicated to Saradomin that protects Misthalin from Morytania's evil taint. He plays a role in several quests.
  • Zealot - A Saradominist zealot on a mission to investigate the Abandoned Mine .
  • The Barrows Brothers (Formerly) - Six powerful warriors sent to Morytania in the Third Age.
  • Brother Jered - Leader of the Monastery located west of Edgeville
  • Sir Amik Varze - Leader of the White Knights of Falador and Current ruler of Asgarnia.
  • King Tyras - Ruler of West Ardougne and Brother of the evil King Lathas.
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien - Head of the recruitment of the Temple Knights.


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  • Saradomin's face as seen in some of the pictures of him heavily resemble the late self-portraits of Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Saradomin is referenced in the 2009 Thanksgiving Event when the Cook's Brother tells the player that the sacred gravy comes from the "Gravy Boat of Saradomin".
  • He is likely based on God from Christianity, just as his worst enemy, Zamorak is likely based on Satan.


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