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A detailed image of the Saradomin sword.
For the Godsword with a Saradomin hilt, see Saradomin Godsword.

The Saradomin sword is a two-handed sword which can be obtained in the God Wars Dungeon. The sword is a possible drop from Commander Zilyana and her bodyguards in the Saradomin area. It requires 70 attack to wield. Its special attack, "Saradomin's Lightning," adds 5-16 extra magic-based melee damage to the standard melee attack and raises the maximum inflicted damage by 1-2. The special attack appears to round up. For example, if the hit is calculated as a 32.61 then it will register as a 33[1]. Players receive magic experience for using this special, but only for the magical hit. Essentially, the special deals two attacks: the melee attack that the player would normally have hit without the special, and an extra magical attack that can deal 5-16 (or 9-20 with Ferocious Ring) damage. However, both attacks can miss. The special attack drains 100% of the special attack bar. The Saradomin sword's overall stats are the 6th best for a two-handed sword, surpassed by all four godswords, and the Dragon 2h Sword, although the Saradomin Sword is much faster than both the Godswords and the Dragon 2h. Saradomin Swords are very popular for training strength for players because they are faster than Godswords and hit as high as whips.

Hover over image for type
A player wielding the Saradomin sword
A player wielding the Saradomin sword
A player performing the "Saradomin's Lightning" special attack.
A player performing the "Saradomin's Lightning" special attack.
  Attack bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
0 +82 +60 0 0
  Defence bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning
0 0 0 0 0 0
Other bonuses
Strength Ranged Strength Prayer Magic Damage (%)
+82 0 +2 0
Speed: File:speed4.gif



The Saradomin sword gives the same strength and slash bonus as an Abyssal whip, but offers an additional crush and prayer bonus and the ability to train strength. The sword also attacks at the same speed as the whip. However, since the whip is a one-handed weapon and can be wielded with a shield or a defender, and due to the far cheaper price of the whip some players consider the whip to be the better option.

The sword is also commonly used for slaying waterfiends due to its crush bonus and balance between strength and speed. This balance makes the Saradomin Sword more useful for killing waterfiends than godswords; its faster speed is often more efficient at dealing damage, despite its lower strength bonus. The Godswords' higher damage potential is often wasted when attacking waterfiends when they have only small amounts of health remaining.

The Saradomin Sword is often used and seen in Pest Control, due to its usefulness and the crush bonuses that it offers, since the portals are weak to certain attack styles, one of them being crush.

These are more often used than whips for higher level strength pures who don't want to have to train strength using the controlled attack style.

Combat styles

Name Combat style Type Melee experience
Chop Accurate Slash Attack
Slash Aggressive Slash Strength
Smash Aggressive Crush Strength
Block Defensive Slash Defence


Saradomin swords were worth as much as 20m in the months following their release. However, in early 2009, Saradomin swords were only worth 6-7m. Their all time low was reached during a crash in May 2009, where they reached around 5.4m. Since then, the price has risen to over 10m, mostly as a result of coins coming into the game from PvP worlds and alching, despite occasional declines in price and crashes and are now fluctuating in price but staying around the 10 million mark.


  • The Saradomin sword has Saradomin's symbol as a hilt, similar to the Saradomin godsword.
  • The blade of the sword itself seems to resemble a gigantic metallic feather, probably because the Icyene who made it are themselves winged humanoids.
  • In the Brazilian worlds, both the Saradomin sword and the Saradomin godsword used to share the same name. This has since been fixed.
  • The Saradomin sword is the fastest two-handed sword in the game.
  • The Saradomin sword also resembles the weapon held by many of the Barbarians near the Barbarian Outpost.
  • The Saradomin sword is the longest two-handed sword in the game.
  • Elite black knights appear to be wielding a Saradomin sword, but oddly enough, they are devout worshippers of Zamorak. This is proven by them saying "Curses! Zamorak has abandoned me." when their Prayer runs out whilst attacking them.


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