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The Saradomin owl is a pet a player may obtain from a blue Bird's egg. It may be hatched and raised at level 70 Summoning. Like the other God birds, the Saradomin owl has three stages of growth - Chick, Bird and Adult. As a chick, it eats Ground fishing bait. As a bird or an adult, it will eat normal Fishing bait. Even as an adult owl, it still needs to be fed.

To obtain a Saradomin chick, players must place a blue Bird's egg into an incubator available at a pet shop. In an hour or two, a baby owl can be retrieved from the incubator (must be online for this amount of time). It will fly away from the player if he is standing still for a while, but will come back when called. The owl takes around 4 minutes to increase 1% in growth resulting in 6 hours 40 minutes per stage totaling at a 13 hours 20 minutes timeframe to grow from chick to a fully grown owl.

Although the Saradomin chick may only be hatched if any other fully grown God birds are placed in a Menagerie in a Player-owned house, it is possible to place an egg in an incubator if there is another egg incubating at the same time in the other incubator (Taverley and Yanille). However, if you remove one of the chicks, then the other one will disappear when you try to take it out of the second incubator. Until this problem has been fixed, it is strongly advised that you make sure to allow any god birds to develop fully and store them in your menagerie before incubating another.

The mature owl counts as a Saradomin item for the God Wars Dungeon, as long as it present with the player and not in inventory. The younger bird and hatchling forms, however, do not count as Saradomin items.

Phileas, the Lumbridge Sage, has a Saradomin owl with him.

At level 80 Summoning you can understand the Saradomin owl.


  • The Examine phrase "Lovely blue plumage" is a reference to Monty Python's infamous "Dead Parrot" sketch.
  • With the release of the menagerie on 18 August 2009, players can now have all three god birds at the same time. It used to be impossible to raise more than 1 god bird at a time; using another coloured egg with the incubator whilst having a Saradomin owl would result in a message: "You already have that kind of pet, you cannot have another."
  • If a player talks to any of the 3 God birds and then lights a fire, they will wander around freely and not follow the player, but the player can feed them and pick them up.
  • There was also once a glitch which enabled the player to drop their Saradomin owl in a free-to-play world and have it following them. This has now been fixed, though some say it is still possible.
  • The conversation listed third above is in reference to the "O RLY" Internet phenomenon, in which an picture of a Snowy Owl is posted with a caption saying "O RLY?".
  • Phileas, the Lumbridge Sage, has a Saradomin owl.
  • The examine info may be an allusion to the book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'" as Dumbledore describes his pet phoenix, Fawkes, as having "lovely red and gold plumage."
  • The chick's dialogue "Are you my mummy/daddy?" may be a reference to the book Are You My Mother, where a baby bird goes looking for its mother.
  • The Saradomin owl is also a unit in the FunOrb game: Armies of Gielinor. However, the other god birds aren't.



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