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Saradomin Wizards only appear when doing Level 3 coordinate Clue Scrolls. They call out "For Saradomin!" upon appearing and attacking. They stab with a dragon dagger p++ when using melee, and cast Saradomin strike when maging. They are very dangerous as they are almost guaranteed to poison whenever they use melee, and they will also change attack styles if protection prayers are used. It should also be noted that poison has no effect on Saradomin wizards unlike their weaker counterparts the Zamorak wizards.



A Saradomin Wizard will always appear whilst digging at the location of a level 3 coordinate clue, outside of the wilderness

Strengths and weaknesses

Saradomin Wizards are much more powerful than their counterpart, Zamorak wizards. The Saradomin Strikes they use are uncharged, and hence hit a maximum of 20. Their melee attacks hit up to 16 damage and have a near 100% chance of inflicting poison, even if the attack does no direct damage (similar to Cave slimes), unless the player immunises themself with an Anti-poison potion. As their daggers are tipped with (p++) poison, the poison will deal 6 damage per hit.

Tips for Killing

It's a good idea to bring dragonhide and a bow when doing level 3 clues. When the Saradomin Wizard appears, hide behind a nearby obstacle, turn on the Protect from Magic or the Deflect Magic prayer, and range him.

Optional methods: Before digging, drink anti-poison potion, attack or strength potion, turn dragon weapon special on and then turn protect from magic prayer on. By having protect from magic, the Saradomin wizard will attack with melee but you will have good armour (with high defence bonuses) on so his dagger attacks shouldn't be a problem and since you have either anti-poison or super or extra strong anti-poison potion, his poison will not affect you (unless your immunity runs out). Once the wizard is defeated, dig at the specified location again. Make sure to bring lobsters or other equivalent food. Bring runes or any method of teleportation so that if health gets low, player can teleport to safety and save the clue scroll. You can then go back to the spot and try again if you teleported.

Another option is if you have a high magic level, and thus high magic defence, wear dragonhide armour (preferably black), use protect from melee prayer and he'll always attack with magic (their magic attacks will splash on your dragonhide most of the time, plus you will not get poisoned however, if you have low magic defence, he can hit constant 20s!) then either use dragon dagger special or range to kill them. Note that no matter how high your magic level is, remember to bring some food, just in case, because his magic hits harder than his melee.

The safest way to kill them is to stand out of their wandering radius and range them with the "longranged" style. Most coordinate spots have a wide-enough area to do this. If done correctly, the wizard either walk around aimlessly or attempt to retreat. Even though the player will be attacking him, he will be unable to strike back because the player is outside his radius. Also, you can trap them behind something, turn on protection from magic, and range them from behind it.


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