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Sara Altney
Sara Altney
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Kana サラ・アルテニー
Romaji Sara Arutenī
Age 21
Hometown Sasune
First meeting Sealed Cave
Final Fantasy III Character

Lady Sara Altney is the Princess of Sasune from Final Fantasy III, and the player's first extra party member. While she may be a princess, she is more than capable of taking care of herself. In the Nintendo DS remake, she seems to have strong feelings toward Ingus.


She joins the party after the party travels into the Sealed Cave to find her, in order to use her Mythril Ring to banish the Djinn's curse. Since she was not in the area at the time, she was unaffected by the curse. After the Djinn is killed, she throws her ring into the spring in the castle basement, dispelling the curse and remaining in Castle Sasune whilst the party continues with their adventure.

Sara in the DS remake.

Whenever the party meets Sara, she seems to show interest in Ingus. While he has sworn to protect her, he also shows interest in her. When Doga asks Sara to help break the Curse of the Five Wyrms, she joins him once she finds out Ingus is in trouble. After breaking the curse, she stays behind with the others while the party enters the World of Darkness.

When the Cloud of Darkness is defeated, Sara decides to stay with Ingus for a while, before returning to the castle.


In the Nintendo DS version of the game, she aids the party by casting Cure on its members and Aero against monsters. As Cure and Aero are both White Magic spells, it is likely that Lady Sara is supposed to be a White Mage character, like Aria Benett.



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