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image:Germany.gif Saphira
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: April 19, 2005
Location: Germany
Server Save: 8:00 CET

Top players by skill area:
LevelMagic LevelFistClubSwordAxeDistanceShieldingFishing

List of Game Worlds.

Additional Information

  • The name Saphira comes from the word sapphire.

The first level 100 on Saphira was Chompollet tzetzi (His name was Dagen Nyheter but he got namelocked). The first level 200 on Saphira was Auroth. [Deleted] Saphira killed Orshabaal on 14 February 2006. Nobztrakt had the tibian exp record for a long time before Victeron from morgana took the lead. Nobztrakt's record was "most XP achieved on a single day". At Jan 13 2008 he got 17,547,465 XP. He went from level 209 to 217 that day.

The oldest guild on Saphira is Ataraxis, who was founded on August 19th, 2005. The oldest members are Derneus (joined August 21st, 2005) and Moonshade (joined August 25th, 2005). Nobztrakt, Drahas and are two legends in the lands of Saphira, for fight a beautiful war.

12/1 2009 Demoralize Is currently the ruler of the server and it's leader is Kerosi. After a long long time of Saphira being controlled by Masterplan, the guild Demoralize finally hunted Masterplan off the server. The main reason they managed to throw out that powerful guild was that most players from Masterplan were already retired at that point, and Demoralize had a huge number of players coming from other servers whose main guilds hunted them off from there. More things change ... currently the Demoralize are killing anyone who cross they way, for this the Masterplan and Executioner are fighting to recapture the power on world. Actually Nobztrakt (the player with highest magic level on Saphira), the antique Masterplan leader passed the leadership to Anzay.

The biggest fighter in the Saphiran lands Was Erik who is the owner (Nobztrakt).

Currently there is a war between Demoralize vs Execution and Masterplan. And the new exp top in Saphira is a FEMALE knight Zos io Pan

Price List

There is a new pricelist added by Kerosi and Demoralize but it has not been followed at all, so Saphira can be considered a pricelist-free server.

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