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Final Fantasy

Up to date as of February 01, 2010

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Symbol as seen in Final Fantasy IV (DS).
For the spell from Final Fantasy II, see Rasp.

Sap, also known as Seizure, Slip, and HP Leak, is a recurring status ailment in the series. Sap works similar to Poison, except that it usually does not stay after battle and lowers HP at a much faster rate, but for much smaller amounts.



Final Fantasy IV

Sap is caused by the spell Bio, which deals damage and causes the target's HP to decrease continuously. Notably, Big Bang heavily damages all party members and inflicts the status. Pollen can also inflict Sap.

Final Fantasy V

Sap decreases HP continuously, and can be inflicted by some Blue Magic, such as Mind Blast and Dark Art Meltdown. The Thornlet also inflicts this status to the wearer.

Final Fantasy VI

Sap, also known as Seizure and formerly known as Slip, can be inflicted by various moves used by enemies and party members. The Thornlet helmet also inflicts this status to the wearer. The amount of damage it does is the same as Poison, but does not multiply over time. Targets under Seizure will lose HP HP every 8.5 seconds.

Game Element Type Effect
Slash Bushido Halves HP and inflicts Seizure.
Cave In Dance Reduces HP by 1/4 and inflicts Seizure.
Snowball Dance Halves HP and inflicts Seizure.
Sonic Boom Dance Reduces HP to 3/8 and inflicts Seizure.
Bio Blast Magitek Poison-elemental damage as well as Poison and Seizure to all enemies.
Tek Missile Magitek Inflicts non-elemental damage and Seizure.
Shadow Fang Limit Break Inflicts massive physical damage and Seizure.
Acid Rain Enemy Attack Inflicts Poison/Water-elemental damage and Seizure to party.
Evil Toot Enemy Attack Inflicts Seizure as well as a myriad of other statuses to party.
Hyperdrive Enemy Attack Inflicts major non-elemental damage and Seizure.
Mind Blast Enemy Attack Inflicts non-elemental damage as well as Seizure and a myriad of other statuses to the party.
Missile Enemy Attack Reduces HP to 3/4 and inflicts Seizure.
Thornlet Helmet Has Sap automatically.

Final Fantasy VII

Seizure can only be inflicted by Bottomswell's Waterball attack, which places Seizure and Imprisoned status on a character (despite it saying it places Death and Imprisoned).

Final Fantasy XI

Each element has a spell that lowers a stat and causes hp to be lost at a minor rate.

Bio - Attack (Dark), Dia - Defense (Light),

Rasp - Dexterity (Earth), Drown - Strength (Water), Frost - Agility (Ice),

Burn - Intelligence (Fire), Choke - Vitality (Wind), Shock - Mind (Lightning)

Final Fantasy XII

This Esper can use the magic Sap
"The character's HP drops swiftly and surely. Remove by casting Regen."

Sap decreases the HP of a character at a continuous rate, unlike the Poison status. Inflicted by the spells Bleed, Bio, and Scourge, it can be cured by using the spells Regen and Esuna or the item Remedy with the Remedy Lore 1 License. Sap can be used to counter the Regen status effect. Accessories with the Regen effect do not provide immunity however, both of the statuses on at the same time causes no overall change in HP totals. However, unlike the past games, Sap only reduces the victim's HP to 1. Some special enemy attacks that inflict Sap could inflict KO if not treated.

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Up to date as of February 07, 2010

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