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Final Fantasy IV Enemy
Sand Worm
Japanese サンドウォーム
Romaji SandoWōmu
J2e Name Sand Worm
SNES Name SandWorm
PS Name SandWorm
GBA Name Sand Worm
DS Name Sand Worm

The Sand Worm is an enemy that appears in Final Fantasy IV. In the Super NES, PS, GBA, and DS releases, it has high HP and can endure several attacks before dying, but is not worrisome otherwise.

In the DS release, it is the most dangerous enemy in the game encountered around Kaipo, and still has very high HP. Its Whirlwind attack can do massive damage to the party, enough to weaken Cecil and KO Rydia.

Physical Description

A large worm with a rounded, bulbous head, whose body tapers to a narrower rounded end at the tail. Its head and tail are thick with clustered filamentary hairs, which are light purple in color (in contrast to the yellow and green coloration of the main body). The creature sees through a pair of snail-like eyestalks that emerge from the head and have the same coloration as the filaments. A rasping, sphincteral mouth dominates the front of the creature's head, dominated by rows of sharp teeth. The creature is quite naturally a dull yellow in color, to help it camouflage against the sand dunes of its native environment in Kaipo region of the Damcyan Desert.

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