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Halo 2


Installation 05


Forerunner Memorial

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  • 2-10
Though its original purpose has been lost to the march of aeon's this structure is now a cemetery to countless brave warriors.

Sanctuary is a multiplayer map for Halo 2. It is an old relic of a building, and no one knows its purpose. Although it appears similar to the Forerunner ruins in the campaign level Delta Halo in Halo 2.


Getting On Top

To get to the top of Sanctuary, have three people go by the pointed rock by a tunnel leading to a Spectre. It is next to a base. Have someone keep jumping on the rock, and as he is in the air, Sword Cancel him. The only part that is not concealed by an invisible wall is the corner. To get in, however, you must crouch and walk forward. It will take a few tries, but then have the 2nd and 3rd persons repeat this. Once 2 are up there, have one stand on the ledge next to the hole you got in and keep jumping. The 2nd person sword cancels and gets atop the level. Have the second guy sword cancel you, and you are both atop. Keep walking until you reach a pointy Forerunner structure atop of a base. Have someone jump, sword cancel them, let them sword cancel you, and then you're over it. Once there, you will notice you cannot go past a spot because of an invisible wall. But, all is not lost! Go as far as you can left, to the barrier, and you can walk through. It was actually a wall of a temple, invisible from that side! You can get atop that, get atop of the tree, or climb the large hill, (all 4 flights) and then rest on the waterfall, perfect sniping spot, if you have many people, and you can get two people up unnoticed.

Easter Eggs

In Sanctuary, there are various places with text on the map. First, go to the top of the principal structure with Sniper Rifle (the structure with the sword) and see the top of the two bases. In the Blue Base, there is text in capital letters that says CMV. The rock wall in the left of the Red Base says "Sid was here". An unidentified drawing/thing is to the right. "Sid was here" can also be seen on Coagulation.


On Top of the Center Building

This is a surprisingly little known trick, one that requires no cheating or sword canceling, just a well placed crouch-jump.

  • On each side of the map, there is a Plasma Pistol, and a water trench near it. Where the water trench wanes into the center building, there is a small ledge that you can get into by crouch-jumping from a distance.
  • Once in this small ledge, you should move a small distance away from the building (so you are standing instead of crouching).
  • Look left, at the top of the building, and all that is needed is a crouch jump aimed at the corner of the roof.


  • Center
  • Blue Base
  • Red Base
  • Knoll
  • Crack


  • On, the images for Sanctuary are placed in the /deltatap/ directory. "Delta" is obviously a reference to this level being on Delta Halo (Installation 05.) "Tap" could possibly a reference to a water tap or faucet, as the map contains water that flows to the center through aqueducts. The maps codename before it's official release was called "Aqueduct," which somewhat provides evidence to this theory.
  • In early pictures of Sanctuary, you can see tall thin structures all around the map. These were to be some sort of antenna, and also were going to be destructible. They were later removed as they served no purpose on an ancient structure.
  • Sanctuary was added to Halo 2 in the Killtacular Pack.
  • The map bears some resemblance in design to Wizard and Warlock, all circular arenas with bases that go inward to a main structure.

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