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Samurai is a dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2. They wield two-handed swords, have the Spare Change ability, and have a number of unique abilities which affect statistics. The weapons used are are based off Auron's blades from Final Fantasy X, Rikku using the "Katana", Yuna using the "Blurry Moon", and Paine using her own unique sword. The Samurai dons traditional Japanese Samurai attire with a feminine twist.

"One sword in my hand, a thousand knights in battle. Go on, take your pick."
"Rikku, master of the blade, creeps through the shadows, cutting down all who stand in her way!"
"I think this blade needs of a new sheath. Any volunteers?"


Acquiring Samurai

In Chapter 3, the dressphere is located on the ground in Kilika Temple before facing Ifrit.




NB! Abilities written in bold/italic are passive abilities. All other abilities are active

Name Description AP to learn MP to cast Required
Attack Attack one target. N/A N/A Filler for IE
Spare Change Throws Gil at target to inflict physical damage (Added to "Attack" menu). 0 0 Filler for IE
Mirror of Equity Inflicts physical damage to target, increasing in power as HP lowers. 30 16 Filler for IE
Magicide Inflicts special physical damage to one target's MP. 30 4 Filler for IE
Dismissal Inflicts physical damage and cancels pending action of target. 30 10 Filler for IE
Fingersnap Inflicts physical damage and nullifies any and all stat increases/decreases on target. 40 10 Magicide
Sparkler Inflicts physical damage to target, ignoring Defense. 10 12 Filler for IE
Fireworks Inflicts physical damage to all of target party, ignoring Defense. 60 18 Sparkler
Momentum Inflicts physical damage to target, based on user's total enemy kills. 60 10 Sparkler
Shin-Zantetsu Attempts to KO all of target party. 100 32 Momentum
Nonpareil Raises user's Strength and Accuracy 20 10 Filler for IE
No Fear Casts Shell and Protect on user. 30 12 Nonpareil
Clean Slate Restores 25% MAX HP and cures negative status effects of user. 40 16 No Fear
Hayate Raises Evasion and casts Haste on user. 60 20 Clean Slate
Zantetsu Attempts to KO target (Added to "Attack" menu). 140 0 Shin-Zantetsu
SOS Critical User deals critical hits when HP is low. 80 0 Fireworks


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