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"Master swordsmen whose keen reflexes allow them to intercept and deflect enemy attacks"

The Samurai is a Job in Final Fantasy V, which you receive after the Earth Crystal has shattered.


The main cast as Samurai.

As a Samurai, each character wears traditional Samurai armor. The only real difference between all of them is that Lenna does not wear a helmet and Galuf's helmet does not have a tassel.


  • Job Command - Zeninage
  • Innate Abilities - Shirahadori
  • Equipment - Knives, Katana

The Samurai is usually associated with the ability to throw money, and Final Fantasy V is no exception. The higher level the thrower is, the more damage Zeninage does, and the more gil it consumes. (Temporary level boosts raises the damage done, but not the gil consumed.) This command is one of the most powerful attacks in Final Fantasy V, but the obvious drawback means that frequent use usually isn't an option. Shirahadori just increases your ability to dodge physical attacks.

The stat modifiers for samurai are:

  • Strength: +19
  • Agility: +2
  • Stamina: +19
  • Magic: -12

Level-Up Abilities

Level 1 ability
RPGe Name SwdSlap
Anthology Name Sslap
GBA Name Mineuchi
AP Required 10
Type Command
Description Stun enemies by smacking them with a blade's dull side.
Information Lets any Job use the Mineuchi command. It is supposed to have a chance to paralyze an enemy, but due to a bug it does not, so it's basically Fight without the drawback of removing Charm or Sleep from enemies.
Level 2 ability
RPGe Name GilToss
Anthology Name $Toss
GBA Name Zeninage
AP Required 30
Type Command
Description Damage all enemies by tossing gil.
Information Lets any Job use the Zeninage command.
Level 3 ability
RPGe Name Evade
Anthology Name Swrdgrab
GBA Name Shirahadori
AP Required 60
Type Passive
Description Catch and stop enemy attacks.
Information Increases any Job's evasion against physical attacks.
Level 4 ability
RPGe Name Equip Katana
Anthology Name EqKatana
GBA Name Equip Katanas
AP Required 180
Type Passive
Description Gain the ability to wield katanas.
Information Any Job with this ability will be able to equip Katanas.
Level 5 ability
RPGe Name Slash
Anthology Name Fdraw
GBA Name Iainuki
AP Required 540
Type Command
Description Unleash an attack that hits all enemies in an instant.
Information Lets any Job use the Iainuki command. After a turn of charging, the Samurai will kill every enemy on screen. Can still fail.

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