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Lieutenant Samantha Warren was a human female who served in Starfleet in the late 24th century. In the early 2380s, Warren was assigned to Pharos Station as science officer. (Star Trek: Daedalus)


Starfleet career


Starfleet Academy

Early assignments

Following her graduation, Warren was assigned to the Steamrunner-class USS Protector as a junior science officer under the direction of Commander Tobias Walker. Under Walker's tutelage, Warren became to develop into an excellent scientist and when a position as assistant science officer aboard the USS Mathias became available in 2379, Warren applied despite holding the rank of ensign, although with Walker's full support.

Her determination and excellent record spoke for itself and Warren's application was accepted and she spent the next two years further developing under Lieutenant Commander Turturrak. In 2381, Turturrak recommended her for promotion to lieutenant, junior grade which was pressed through, and Warren was assigned to Pharos Station as chief science officer. ("The More Things Change...")

Pharos Station

In late 2381, Warren attended a dinner party hosted by the station's new commanding officer, Christopher Mackenzie. ("Happy Endings?")

Personal life


Hagran Uvhan

Following Warren's assignment to the USS Mathias in 2379, she quickly became enamored with the Mathias's Haliian tactical officer, Lieutenant Hagran Uvhan. Soon after the two began a relationship which advanced to the stage where Warren took Uvhan home to Centaurus to meet her mother.

However, following her assignment to Pharos Station in late 2381, the couple decided to end their relationship as a long-distance "subspace" relationship was always doomed to failure. Despite this, the two remained good friends and had regular contact over subspace or whenever the Mathias docked at Pharos. ("The More Things Change...")

Service history

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