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An Editorial by Sam the Eagle was a recurring sketch delivered during the second season The Muppet Show. The four editorials featured Sam opining on social issues as well as the show itself. His tirades were often undercut by a sudden realization or the activity around him. The opening fanfare to these editorials was composed by Derek Scott.


  • Quitting (Episode 205: Judy Collins)
Sam announces that he is quitting the show.
  • Nudity (Episode 206: Nancy Walker)
Sam talks about the disgusting issue of nudity. He points out that underneath our clothing the whole world is walking around completely naked, and it's not just people, but also animals. Underneath their fur and feathers, animals wear nothing, as do birds. Once Sam realizes that he too is naked beneath his feathers, he sidles off in embarrassment. This sketch also appeared in The Muppet Revue, was adapted in The Muppet Show Book, and the audio was included on The Muppet Show 2 and Muppet Hits Take 2. The speech was also printed in the book accessory that accompanied the "shifty eyes" repaint of Palisades Toys' action figure.
  • Ecology (Episode 217: Julie Andrews)
Sam claims that industrial progress is being halted by "namby-pamby conservationists," would stop progress "for the sake of a few insignificant animals." In the fashion of Joseph McCarthy, Sam announces that he has a list of the animals concerned, and announces each name scoffingly. Once he learns that the American bald eagle is on the list, he concludes that the list is now inoperative. This sketch was adapted in The Muppet Show Book.
  • Crime (Episode 218: Jaye P. Morgan)
Sam reports on crime, as three criminals (including the Whatnot that later became Bobby Benson) steal the entire set.

Book Appearances

  • Sam's ecology editorial is adapted in The Muppet Show Book.
  • In The Muppet Show Comic Book: Meet the Muppets, issue 4, Sam rails against the gullibility that "has crept into our way of thinking in recent times" in a spot titled "And Now a Message From Sam the Eagle."

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