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Sam Newton was a Human Starfleet cadet who served as a midshipman aboard the USS Daedalus in the 2370s. (Star Trek: Daedalus)


Early life

The youngest son of Henrietta and Charles Newton, Sam was born on April 10, 2354. Because his mother was a career Starfleet officer, Sam and his elder brother Michael spent their childhood residing with their father at the Daystrom Institute annex on Galor IV. Their mother later joined them on Galor IV in 2357 after her promotion to rear admiral and assignment to the planet as a Starfleet liaison officer.

Two days before his eighth birthday in 2362, Michael was pronounced missing, presumed dead after the USS Cotterill disappeared while testing an experimental transwarp engine.

Because of the painful memories, Sam and his mother moved to Earth where they could be close to Michael who was, at this time, attending Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. The death of their father had a huge effect on the two boys, with Michael quitting the Academy and working towards becoming a scientist like his father, while Sam who had previously been an outgoing child, becoming very insular and sedate.

Over the next eight years, Sam would accompany his mother on her various assignments aboard starbases and starships, which prevented him from establishing any proper relationships with others, and also had a detrimental effect on his school work. After finally completing his education in 2372 he applied to enter Starfleet Academy and follow in his mothers footsteps. Unfortunately, he failed to qualify and upon retrying the following year, he was still unable to qualify. One final attempt in 2374 met with success.

Aboard the Daedalus


Service history


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