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Samantha Angeline Jones
Also known as: Sam Jones
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 1997
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Sam Jones was a unique individual; her biodata/timeline had been directly affected by a (from her point) future event which was directly related to her time travelling. (EDA: Unnatural History)

Making her life backwards from 2002 somewhat of a paradox.

For clarity both her timelines will be broken down and detailed

Timeline 1

Samantha Jones was a drug user (enough to have needle scars on her arms), who lived in a bedsit in King's Cross, London. She wrote some letters to Amnesty when she was in high school and thought about spray painting a billboard. She left home in 1997, and worked in a video shop since then to 2002. She smokes Benson & Hedges cigarettes, and has used ecstasy on more than one occasion. She watched the Lord of the Rings movie, but didn't think much of it.

Then she met the Doctor, he had come searching for his friend, explaining to her about dimensional scar in San Francisco that his TARDIS had become a part of.

He convinced her to accompany him back to San Francisco, after her parents showed her a series of postcards they had been receiving from a Samantha Jones including one showing a blonde haired Samantha Jones and the Doctor from a photobooth on Paphos.

She was described by a Faction Paradox agent as "a nice little paradox".

Whilst in San Francisco she attempted to seduce the Doctor, was captured by Griffin an unnaturalist, and had sex several times with Fitz Kreiner. (EDA: Unnatural History)

After several days of getting to know the Doctor and Fitz's worlds, and encountering effects of the Wild Hunt (an energy pulse washing out in a reverse ripple from the scar that made her experience her alternate timelines, that also altered her biodata), she ran into the scar, altering her timeline by a large extent, meaning that she encountered the Doctor (for the first time) in Totter's Yard. (EDA: Unnatural History, The Eight Doctors)

Timeline 2

Samantha Jones was a vegetarian, she hated drugs, didn't even drink coca-cola. She met the Eighth Doctor whilst running from a bunch of drug dealers. (EDA: The Eight Doctors) Sam spent 3 years on the planet Ha'olam, making her about 21 years old when she reencountered the Doctor and began travelling with him once more. (EDA: Seeing I) Whilst on the planet Hyspero she met (and got along brilliantly) with Iris Wildthyme. (EDA: The Scarlet Empress) She died after encountering radiation on Janus Prime, melting in a puddle on Menda. (EDA: The Janus Conjunction)

In San Francisco, she encountered a dimensional scar that alerted her timeline reworking it and creating her established timeline she experienced with the Doctor. (EDA: Unnatural History)


Born on 15th April 1980, she was 16 when she first met the the Doctor in Totter's Yard. She attended Coal Hill School. Thinks of herself as a pacifist, however she has killed a few people; a Tractite, and a human, the second though she was being controlled. (EDA: Genocide, Kursaal) She is still, however shocked by extreme forms of violence and believes that such direct action should be above the Doctor. (EDA: Revolution Man)


Sam Jones in her original timeline had dark hair, needle scars along her arms and not a lot of muscle tone in her legs. (EDA: Unnatural History)

Sam Jones in her second timeline had short blonde hair, and ran a few kilometers ever day, either through the TARDIS, or around wherever she and the Doctor landed. (EDA: Option Lock)

She was 16 when she began travelling with the Doctor, however she spent 3 years on Ha'olam making her 21 (or there abouts) when she finished travelling with the Doctor. (EDA: Seeing I, Interference - Book Two)

Psychological profile


Sam Jones came from relatively liberal parents, she once commented that the only thing that would really shock her parents was if she did drugs. (Which is precisely what she would have done in her original timeline) She was a vegetarian, a supporter of Greenpeace and Gay rights. The Doctor took her to a Greenpeace rally for some time. (EDA: Vampire Science) At one point during her travels with the Doctor, Sam came to fall in love with him. (EDA: Longest Day) Despite believing herself to be a pacifist and anti-war, she found herself surprised grabbing a gun following an encounter on Skaro against the Daleks. (EDA: War of the Daleks)

Habits and quirks

  • She liked to run a few kilometers each day.
  • She and the Doctor came up with a list of codes (numbers) that would apply to different situations they might encounter (so they didn't have to come up with a plan, just say a number). (EDA: Unnatural History)

Important life events


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