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Salvage Kit
Image:Salvage Kit.jpg
Item details
Cost: 40 Gold, 100 Gold
Image:Recharge.png Uses: 10, 25



Salvage Kits are used to salvage common crafting materials from items. To salvage runes, weapon upgrades, or rare crafting materials from items an Expert Salvage Kit, Superior Salvage Kit or a Perfect Salvage Kit must be used.

For more information on salvaging and upgrades, see Salvage.

Where to Get It

All merchants sell Salvage Kits for 100 Gold.



It can be obtained from the following collectors:


It can be obtained from the following collectors:

Collectors offer Salvage Kits as a reward:

Cheap Salvage Kits

There are smaller capacity Salvage Kits available. The kits sold in Pre-Searing Ascalon have only ten uses, but look identical to later Salvage Kits. The merchant Laren in Post-Searing Ascalon City also sells the smaller Salvage Kit.

These kits have ten uses, and cost 40 Gold. This makes them effectively equivalent in price to normal Salvage Kits, but are potentially useful to a character who has just started out and can't afford the 100 Gold kits.

The 10 uses version of the kit is also available from collectors Marik Kuri and Hai Lae on Shing Jea Island.


In order to salvage crafting materials from salvageable items, the player activates the Salvage Kit by double-clicking on it, thus changing the basic mouse pointer into a special salvage symbol.
With this symbol the player clicks in his or her inventory on the item he or she wishes to salvage. This item in the inventory then permanently changes into those crafting materials.
A similar process, performed with an Expert Salvage Kit or Superior Salvage Kit, results in runes, weapon upgrades or rare crafting materials being salvaged. However, there is a chance that the latter process fails. Salvage offers more details on these chances.

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