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Salvage Items are items designed with one main purpose: to salvage them into materials or runes.

Technically speaking Salvage Items are not the only items in the game that can be salvaged. Still, the term "Salvage Item" is reserved to refer to those items labeled Salvage Item by their in-game description. Other items may be salvaged too, but it is not the intended main purpose.

Salvage Items split into two sub-types. Please note these subtypes are defined by this Wiki, and are not official ANet designations:

Salvage armor pieces do not stack in the inventory, but may contain runes and insignia. The armor cannot be worn by players.
Prophecies campaign:
Factions campaign:
Nightfall campaign:
These items do stack in the inventory, but never contain any runes or insignia. Examples include hides, half-digested food, and spider webs.
Prophecies campaign:
Factions campaign:
Nightfall campaign:


Salvage Items are dropped by mobs slain in the game.

You cannot buy Salvage Items from any merchants or traders. You can trade for them with other players.



Salvaging Materials

As mentioned above, extracting common or rare crafting materials from them is the main purpose of Salvage Items.

To salvage materials you can use different types of Salvage Kits, with different result:

image:Exclaim2.GIF For more information on salvaging, see: Salvage.

Salvaging and Identifying Runes and Insignia

If a Salvage Item's title is blue, purple or golden it will contain a Rune and/or Insignia. (See: Item rarity)

To salvage a rune from an Item you must use an Expert Salvage Kit or Superior Salvage Kit. The chance to retrieve a rune with such a kit is 100%. You will determine which profession it is for this way, and then identify it afterward (particularly use if you are trying to unlock specific runes, or have more than one account, or are looking to resell unwanted unidentified runes). You can also determine the runes beforehand, by identifying the salvage item.

There may be more than one Rune or Insignia attached to the Salvage Item. It is possible to extract more than one thing from your Salvage Item. When extracting from Salvage Items, there is a chance you will destroy the Salvage Item. Your chances are dependent on your rank in the Treasure Hunter or Wisdom title track. Your chances of the Salvage Item not being destroyed are increased by 3 percent from a base of 50 percent for each rank you have in your Title. The bonuses for this purpose stack with both titles.

Next, (if you so desire) identify the rune, using any identification kit. If no characters on your account have ever identified that particular variety of rune previously, you will "unlock" it, making it available for use by any of your PvP characters. Runes which are identified in this manner, will have a value in their description...and you will get a minimum of this value when reselling it (even to the rune trader who may offer a mere 10 coins for many of the less popular runes).

Warning: Using a (Basic) Salvage Kit will destroy the rune and you will get only common crafting materials.

Warning: Some players sell unidentified salvage items to other players so they can use it to unlock runes. There is a possible scam to be aware of when buying such items.


Salvage Items can be sold to merchants as is without salvaging them. This can actually bring in more gold than salvaging runes and/or insignia that are in low demand, and therefore would sell for less at the trader than if the whole salvage item was sold to the trader. Before using salvage kits on runes and/or insignias, check the prices at the Rune Trader to see which ones are worth salvaging.


For a list of Salvage Items see: Salvage Items Category

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