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"That would depend on how one defines right, but if you mean to suggest I'd enjoy destroying this facility rather than risk having it fall into, um, unfriendly hands..."
― Salle Serpa, confirming Jaina's suspicions about him

Salle Serpa was a Major in the Galactic Alliance Guard. Jaina Solo believed that Jacen Solo put Serpa in command of the Jedi Academy on Ossus because he was ready and willing to destroy the academy and that he was "not right in the head.". To gain access to the academy, Serpa declared a medical emergency aboard the ship carrying the GAG battalion and requested medical aid. While Jaina tried to find out why he was at the academy, Serpa used a hidden hold out blaster in his sleeve and killed one of his own troopers declaring that he was ready to kill anyone. When asked why just take the academy, he told Jaina that orbital bombardment was rather extreme. When Jacen ordered the Jedi be killed, Major Serpa began shooting off Tionne Solusar's limbs. This drew out the Jedi at Ossus who were subsequently killed by snipers. When Jaina and the children fought back, Serpa used a young girl as a shield only to have his arm cut off from behind by Zekk. He was most likely taken captive by Zekk.


  • Inferno (First appearance)
  • Fury (Indirect mention only)

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