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Salis Omega
General information

14 ABY


15 ABY


Salis D'aar, Bakura


Dark Order of Korr

Physical specifications

60 meters


0.7 kilometers


New Republic era


Salis Omega was a massive Imperial stronghold constructed by the Imperial Remnant on Bakura.


It was built into the side of a cliff at the eastern-most point of Bakura's capital city, Salis D'aar. The cliff overlooked an enormous valley, which was sometimes used for practice maneuvers by Imperial pilots. The structure itself stood sixty meters tall and was more than half a kilometer in width, with its base roughly hexagonal in shape. Designed to serve as a base of operations for the Imperial Remnant on Bakura and its surrounding star systems, it possessed living and administration quarters for Imperial officers and other leaders.

Salis Omega's external defense systems were impressive. In addition to heavy armor, it was protected by powerful deflector shields, capable of withstanding bombardment from several Imperial-class Star Destroyers. Defensive weapon systems included numerous anti-air turrets, turbolaser batteries, and even ion cannons, making attack from starfighters and bombers largely futile. Defensive measures on the ground consisted of numerous laser cannon turrets, capable of defending against large groups of infantry. The fortress itself was expansive, providing living quarters and other facilities capable of supporting four thousand Imperial soldiers. It also possessed a hangar bay, which held several squadrons of Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wings, Skipray Blastboats, and Lambda-class T-4a shuttles.


Salis Omega was constructed originally by the Disciples of Ragnos after the planet was captured by the Imperial Remnant. When the cult was reformed into the Dark Order of Korr following Jaden Korr's takeover of the organization, the fortress remained as the center of Imperial operations on Bakura. During the initiation of Operation Dark Disease, the base served as the administrative center of the project, sending orders to the factory ship Infector via an advanced communications array nearby, known as Relay 21.

During its history, Salis Omega survived several major riots, which sprang up in protest of a planet-wide quarantine on Bakura implemented by the Dark Order. The fortress continued to be used by the Order until it and the rest of Bakura's surface was destroyed in the Second Battle of Bakura.

Behind the Scenes

  • The name "Salis Omega" comes from the capital city of Bakura. Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet. Originally the base would be called Salis Delta, but Delta was changed for Omega to better foreshadow it as the eventual place of Jaden Korr's death.

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