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The Salikawood is a location in Final Fantasy XII. A large sprawling wood, it is home to many monsters.



The Salikawood is located to the north of Mosphoran Highwaste, connecting to the Phon Coast. Travellers have to pass through it if they wish to reach Archadia on foot. To the north lies the Nabreus Deadlands, and the former capital of Nabradia, the monster-infested Necrohol of Nabudis.



Bomb Infestation

Usually the Salikawood is a quiet place, with only a few monsters. However, recently, Bombs have infested the wood from the Nabreus Deadlands (Despite the fact that Bombs cannot be found in the Deadlands). This has made travel rather difficult for people wanting to reach the Deadlands.

The Gate

A gate is located at one of the exits of the forest, the one entering Archadia. Recently, however, it broke, stopping would-be travelers from entering. A moogle and his nine apprentices are in the middle of fixing the gate. To get to the Phon Coast shore you need to locate 9 moogle workers who are resting in huts around the Salikawood. The huts are flagged on the map below.

Sage Knowledge

For the Sage Knowledge on the Salikawood, you may also see Sage Knowledge piece 66.

"Forested region in central Nabradia. A path strung between the thick-growing trees leads towards Archadia. However, many of the tree-bridges are covered with thick moss, and in advanced stages of decay. As transport by airship gained prominence, the land roads were abandoned. Now more beasts walk the woods than travelers. The forest is the domain of the Kingdom of Nabradia. Abandoned these two years since its fall, the number of fell beasts within its borders swells daily."



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