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Lieutenant Commander Salek in 2375.

Salek was a male Vulcan engineer in Starfleet in the 24th century.

As of 2374, Salek held the rank of Commander, and was assigned to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. He served as first officer of the USS da Vinci, and the head of that ship's SCE team. (SCE eBooks: The Belly of the Beast; War Stories, Book Two)

Salek had joined the S.C.E. as a lieutenant commander, against the advice of his sister, who instead suggested he join the all-Vulcan crew of the USS T'Kumbra. Salek rejected this advice, being unconcerned about working amongst emotional races, and also due to the fact that the T'Kumbra offered no opportunity for advancement. (SCE eBook: War Stories, Book Two)

Salek died in late 2375 (circa 52698.1), when he sacrificed himself to deactivate an alien vessel called Dancing Star, as well as to defend the da Vinci from a Cardassian warship, the Grach'noyl. (SCE eBook: Collective Hindsight, Book One)

In an alternate universe accessed by an interdimensional Androssi device, Salek survived into late 2376, and served as Captain David Gold's executive officer aboard the USS Gettysburg. (SCE eBook: Lost Time)

Salek is described in War Stories as "mahogany-skinned"; however, the Vulcan depicted on the cover of Collective Hindsight, Book One -- confirmed by series editor Keith R. A. DeCandido as being Salek -- has a paler skin color.
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Salek Weet
Physical description

Unknown, possibly Human



Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

Salek Weet, the son of musician Jimke Weet, was a friend of Noa Briqualon, and a fellow scout.



When Salek was young, he spent years as a mid-level scout. Together, Salek and Noa had planned to "tear up the galaxy," as Noa put it, which was actually to chart the Moddell Sector together. However, on their very first voyage together, which was some six years after the Invasion of Naboo, the crystal oscillator on their ship shorted out in the Monsua Nebula, cutting off power to their starship and causing them to make an emergency landing on the forest moon of Endor, where their ship crashed. Stranded on the Endor moon, they hid their cruiser, and worked on repairs. To make matters worse, the crystal that regulated the power on their ship was shattered in the crash. When Salek determined the cause of their forced landing, he set out to find another oscillator. So, Salek and Noa agreed that Salek would go search for help, and a way to repair the cruiser, while Noa stayed behind. Salek, however, never returned, leaving Noa alone, after which he became a hermit.

Salek's skeleton chained to the dungeon walls of Terak's castle. Noa, Cindel, Teek, and Wicket found him this way when they arrived at the castle in 3 ABY.

After some exploring, Salek ran upon King Terak of the Sanyassan Marauders, who had also been stranded on the moon when their starcruiser crashed. Assuming that Salek had "the power", from his starship, Terak apparently tortured and interrogated Salek, and eventually killed him, after he offered no help. Noa, foolishly believing he would come back, set up a home in the middle of the forest. There, he met Teek, an animal from a species of the same name.

Off the Endor moon, a four-year search for Salek and Noa had taken place, funded by his father, renowned kloo horn soloist Jimke Weet, who spent nearly every credit he owned in an attempt to find them. The last-known responder signal from Salek and Noa's ship was near the Monsua Nebula, which was an area well known for its treacherous activity. The search was called off, however, following the bankruptcy filing of his father.

Jimke still expressed his hope of Salek's survival in a quote from the HoloNet News, following the end of the search:

"I know that Salek is still alive somewhere," wept Jimke. "If anyone has any information, or any of my fans are willing to donate credits to the search, please contact the Salek-Come-Home HoloNet registry."
―Jimke Weet

Noa was apparently stranded on the moon a long time and had grown older by the time Cindel Towani and Wicket W. Warrick arrived at his home, wishing to stay. One day, after following Noa to a curious place he went everyday, they discovered him working on a starship, deep in the forest. He eventually told her the story of he and Salek, and how he wound up where he was. After Cindel was eventually kidnapped by Charal, Terak's servant, Noa, along with Wicket, journeyed to Terak's castle to rescue Cindel and the other Ewoks restrained at the castle. At the castle was where Charal told Cindel of the fact that Terak killed Salek, and she said the bare bones of Salek hanging from handcuffs on the dungeon wall were his. When saved, Cindel told Noa of what happened to Salek.

Behind the scenes

Salek's name is spelled Salak in Noa Briqualon's entry in the Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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