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Salamander (サラマンダー Saramandā) is a recurring summon of the Fire element, exclusive to Ivalice, and first appearing in Final Fantasy Tactics.

Its original debut was in the Japan-exclusive Squaresoft title, Bahamut Lagoon, as an initially Fire-elemental dragon, belonging to the main protagonist of a past, in which he bears the name Salamando. Capable of mastering every elemental property, his final transcendence can be either Holy or Dark Dragon.


Salamander, as he appears in Revenant Wings.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Main article: Salamander (Revenant Wings)
"Fire-breathing lizard with an appetite for destruction."

Salamander is the rank 1 Fire Ranged summon. Its normal attack, Fireball, deals Fire damage to one foe.

Artwork of Salamander in Tactics.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Salamander first appears in Final Fantasy Tactics as a higher level Fire summon. He is learned for 820 Job Points, by the Summoner job class. Salamander performs Wyrmfire, a Fire-elemental attack on all enemies in range. It costs 48 MP to cast and has a speed of 12.

In the original PlayStation version, when summoned, the summoner will sometimes say, "Evil flames, entrust your power to us! Salamander!" This was removed from PSP port, The War of the Lions.

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