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Final Fantasy III Enemy
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NES Name Salamandr
DS Name Salamander

Salamander is a boss in Final Fantasy III. He is a mutated form of Gutsco, turned into a monster by the Fire Crystal. After his defeat, the Fire Crystal is cleansed and the party receives new jobs.


The best idea with this boss is to finish it as fast as possible. Salamander has an all attacking flame attack that deals massive damage. The best way to fell this boss is to tout at least two black mages spamming ice spells. If you haven't already, it's a good idea to travel to the Valley of the Ancients (located at the south-western most corner of the map) to retrieve the spell Blizzara, which is a higher level ice spell than Blizzard and deals more damage. It costs around 1,500 gil, so at this point of the game, it's expensive. but it will be well worth the investment later. A white mage should also heal at every turn to eliminate the odds of guesswork on who the boss will hit (buy Cura while you're in Valley of the Ancients too, while you're at it). It is also worth mentioning that this boss can attack twice. This includes using Fire Breath twice in a row, so it's a good idea to finish him before he has a chance to do this. You should also go around outside the dungeon and level up your party a bit. It may seem like a waste of time, but it will make this boss fight easier in the long run.

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